Morning humans! One of my passions (partly because of the day job) is , and I like finding ways to apply that to comics. I'm going to post links to resources on helping to make your comics more accessible at the hashtag (As well as just replying directly to this thread)

Do you ever find yourself trying to figure out HOW to write accessible alt text for your comic? Veronica Lewis wrote this really good guide on doing just that that I apply to my website and how I describe panels!

I really loved Lucy Bellwood 's 100 Demon Dialogues comics, and the folks at Axess Lab wrote a nice article on the process of writing the alt text for the ebook version. Bonus points: They do include video examples of reading the comic with a screenreader!

If you're more of a fan of talks as your method of learning cool new things about , Jessica Jordan had a wonderful talk as JSConf EU 2019 about Crafting Comics for Literally Everyone. I really like how she built out the speech bubbles with html/css, so they were separate from the background of the panel, and how that read on a screenreader.


So this is probably one of the coolest experiments I've seen (way cooler than anything I've done) for comic accessibility. This approach definitely requires thinking about from the very beginning, given how they separate out the different layers of the comics, not just the speech bubbles.

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I've eaten dinner, so time for another link!

So last August, the SF State Comics Studies Program, Program in Visual Impairments, and Longmore Institute of Disability hosted a one-day symposium to explore considerations for adapting comics for blind and low vision readers. They posted the whole thing on youtube and there was a lot of interesting ideas discussed!

I really liked the Audio Descriptions talk in this, and one day I would love to play around more with recorded audio transcriptions for comics to use in place of screen reader. I think it could really help the comic come alive for blind/low vision readers.

Also all I can think of is the rad audiobook for Nimona and I want to see what I could with that in web space

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