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hey, guys! I'm still out of work, so I'm offering ! holiday-inspired icons are $3 each, and an artwork of any size (for gifts, holiday cards, etc) are $15! if you're interested, send me a message here or over email ( I will draw OCs, furries, canon characters, people, etc. please boost!

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🎀💖💞✨ — commissions for lapin_lapin & confettiparfait @ twt!

Wen u a hamster so u be dabbin on da haters

why I'm not posting art much lately - a secret zine thing :3c

Here’s the process video because it’s always fun ✨

I MADE................ LGBT MASTODON ICONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! FREE TO USE!!!!!!!!!!
(i might make some more later on!!)

Seems every time I have a long, stressful day I unwind by drawing my favourite boys shirtless and blushing... hhh they're just so cute, can you blame me??

Here's their love song as decided by me:

I STILL HAVE TO FINISH READING EYESHIELD 21! IT'S SO GOOD TOT! I took a break to finish Dorohedoroajsjjs. I'm almost done and it's so great!

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