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When was a software project you loved rescued from commercial overloards due to its free license? (e.g. > LibreOffice) Need examples for a article. Thanks for responding and boosting.

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Your donations have a real impact on our ability to host events like the upcoming in Kiel. Many thanks from all of our generous contributors!

Here is a recent product we made using the powerful by @blender (with a logo redrawn in @inkscape Commercial work using tools available freely to *all*. (

Don't miss the computer sale ( ). The free notebook is awesome! We know because we helped create it (using only , of course). 😉 @inkscape

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It's official. We've rebranded our creative agency @freehive to align with our #FreeSoftware and #OpenSource values. I think it's pretty cool and unique. A little explainer here:

We just dropped for the on ! If you're self hosting with a powerful tool like @cloudron (like we are) consider becoming a supporter:


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