Finished product, well, pretty much finished. My vulpera priest :3 based on the screenshot on the right

This is how our friends the froggos travel the waters, on a lily pad with a leaf for a sail, dancing round the twiggy mast 🐸

This took far too long to render cos I'm still learning how backgrounds work oml >.<

I've not made bear sewing patterns from scratch in years oh lordy

I've gotta make the gusset which is the hardest part 😭

More lgbtq cookies 

Added to the cookie list some LGBTQ, bisexual, asexual and pansexual flags today :3

Food, nonbinary art 

Expanding on the flags and symbols and have finished up a nonbinary cookie :3

Trans themed food 

Got a more detailed close up of it here lol I'm tired sorry

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Trans themed food 

One of our famed British biscuits; the Jammy Dodger. Trans flavoured of course.

Trans art that involves food 

Trans icecream and trans cupcakes hell yeah I made myself hungry doing these omg

Here's my depiction of the Mari Lwyd! A really cool Welsh tradition, I highly recommend looking it up ^.^

Please be careful and don't draw for too long a stretch lol

I attempted to do perspective in art so all my stuff isn't so flat, idk if I succeeded or not but here you go xD

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