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Loops was launched a year ago as an experiment with short looping videos like TikTok and Vine.

We have redesigned this feature and can't wait to share it with you!

pixelfed.social/discover/loops #pixelfed #loops

It is true that is trying to copy with the decentralization?

Hey @dansup since you are an expert you are my only savior lol. I’m looking for a method everywhere, but on the internet nothing is clear... Do you know the easiest way to convert a PHP website into an iOS and Android app? Thanks in advance, i’m struggling to find a way

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Live Notifications will be shipping later this week!

You will hear this sound on timelines, posts and profiles when you get a new notification 🚀


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We are preparing to release Instagram Import.

Download your export from Instagram so you are ready when it launches! #pixelfed


I need a developer to teach me some things... someone want to help a newbie? Lol

Why people don’t get that is better than any other social network on this fucking earth? Use the “Mast” app for full experience ;)

Wish mastodon starts to become more about sports

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By the way, you can create invite links on Mastodon so that people who sign up using them follow you automatically.

I feel in peace with my self when I use Mastodon, on the other socials it’s like a war.

Bruh Mastodon keeps growing and being more active, I see a lot the difference compared to December when I was everyday online on here. @Gargron you a legend in the making

Mastodon I still love you, I’m very inactive cause I’m working my ass off to try to build something reputable in my life.

I already own a .com website for my music sharing platform, should I buy another one .org with the same business name of course and explain my service more detailed or it’s better if I create a “About us” page on the .com domain? Please i want some opinions

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