Do you remember my post-apocalyptic cafe-racer motorcycle project? I just released a showcase video of this project. Check it out and give it some love!

Almost two months ago I released my SEAT 1500 car model and I finally found some time to finish and upload the corresponding video with turntables, a rig demo and an animation test

Setting up a simple rig for the SEAT 1500 car with . Just need to add custom bone shapes and... ta da!!

Modeling part of the motorcyle is already done. Next step is texturing and shading. Trying to get the best results in this project.

Last week I gave a new masterclass "Animation Workflow in Blender" to 3D animation students at Cesur Murcia Audiovisual. This is what they wrote about it

Already finished my last made car model. A "new" SEAT 1500"

About to finish the modelling of outer part of this SEAT 1500 with . Working on speeding up my modelling workflow while progressively getting along with topology a bit more everyday

Starting a new car project! That's all I can tell for the moment :D

África and Christian are a lovely couple living in Archena (Spain) and they made me a special request which consisted of making a shortfilm about their love story. After an extra effort to get it finished in record time to get it ready on their Wedding Day, this was the result.

Last Thursday I was giving a masterclass at Cesur Murcia for 3D Animation and Videogames HNC students, about my music video project with # b3d, and this was the result. So pleased for this experience and such nice staff

My last work and my second quadruped rigged character, which belongs to a major and still unannounced project


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