The moment has arrived! My Coupé UFO is finally moving, and I also included a short breakdown

Image sequence textures are working in Eevee again! So it's the moment to resume my Coupé UFO project (from P. Tinto film) and do the first engine VFX tests!

Exploring the Spanish retro tavern project with . Up to the moment, most of the modeling work is done, so I set basic colours to study the preview result before moving to the next step: texturing and shading.

This image is the result of a mistake (I forgot to disable Mask modifier before rendering), but sometimes mistakes are worthy of being shown

Call me weird, but as time goes by, I ended up finding UV unwrapping oddly satisfying and relaxing

The Coupé UFO from "The Miracle of P. Tinto" film is finally out! Follow the link for more images and further details. Animated video coming soon.

Playing around with a procedural and animatable heat distortion shader using and . The vehicle I'm working on is about to being finished!

I just released my new animated project with . This time I wanted to play with rendering (Non Photorealistic Rendering) among some other techniques and experiment with 2D/hand-drawn look effects

Already finished the of Daniel. What a messy Dopesheet! I expect the finished video will be ready in some days.

I've just released an article (written in Spanish, but still pretty inteligible) explaining how I recreate a facade to bring a real life building to a 3D environment by using and , explaining the whole process and giving some tips and tricks for taking the photographs.

This is one of my many side projects. It's a model inspired by vehicle featured in a popular Spanish film, guess which one? Clue: the original vehicle has no wheels.

This is a WIP preview from one of the projects in which I'm currently working on, which is focused on a pub and the environment that surrounds it

Do you remember my post-apocalyptic cafe-racer motorcycle project? I just released a showcase video of this project. Check it out and give it some love!

Almost two months ago I released my SEAT 1500 car model and I finally found some time to finish and upload the corresponding video with turntables, a rig demo and an animation test

Setting up a simple rig for the SEAT 1500 car with . Just need to add custom bone shapes and... ta da!!

Modeling part of the motorcyle is already done. Next step is texturing and shading. Trying to get the best results in this project.

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