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Hi everyone!

Introducing myself in this great instance: I am a writer (Spanish) and recently a gamer-videogame theory enthusiast, althought I've been gaming all my life. I have a blog (Spanish) about this subject regarding ludopolitics and philosophical perspectives on gaming.

I also love art and am studing a PhD in Modern Literature. If U like U can know more about me in my gemini capsule (profile).

Looking forward to meet nice people and sharing thoughts!

I tried to stream from the mobile using Twitch but... It only allows you to do it with few games within a collection they have (and obviously you must have installed)... 😶

I remember using it with a pinball game two years ago!

Do you know any alternative to Twitch you can stream to Peertube from the mobile? )Is that too much to ask?)

Which videogames you like have you downloaded from F-Droid?

I've just seen one that reminds me F1 Circus '92 for TurboGrafx-16 and am going to prove it. It's called "Pixel Wheels".

Well, take a look also to these Latin American videogame developers that have something to bring. People from Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Paraguay:

Take a look to this digital & indie Mexican game studio ohter than the main vidoegame industry companies.

Not in the mainstream but important:

#anime Argh. I finished both seasons of #MobPsycho, and the animation style in the Wano story arc in #OnePiece is turning me off big time. I've seen a number of opinion pieces saying it's the best arc of the story, and raving about the design and direction etc., but maybe I'm burned out. So now I need something else to watch, hrm... I wish there was more of Durarara; I really want something like that one? Where's that anime recommender when I need it... 😁

I've just posted some images in a collection on Pixelfed named "The travel". Took them from the photo-mode of Assassin's Creed Origins so you can see Bayek of Siwah as an anonimous nomad traveling the desert and the Nile.

Take a look if you wish, here:

Hey! I' going to stream a litlle playing Lifeless Planet at Twitch:


Waking up hearing Ocarina of Time melodies is so nice.


Hello! I'm Dash and I'm looking for work! I'm an illustrator/designer/bit of an animator with 10 years of industry experience and I've just come off a massive location design job for an upcoming Netflix animated show. Drop me a line at


PhD advance interview

-So, have you been using the skills and knowledge achieved in your PhD studies?
-Have you been developing them in concrete ways related to your PhD research subject?
-How is that?
-I have been using them in personal ways related to my habit in playing videogames.
-Yes. I have been gathering biblography, spending time thinking a little and pouring all of that writing a blog that you can read here:
-Video... Spanish

An emotional android saw a machine with dreams at a city of boxes

I began playing this just for curiosity. It feels like the program is doing everything for you... (is something going on behind this?).

The graphics are beautiful ("just clik and continue asking yourself what's going on...!"). Of course, I do not know Chinese (a must to understand what are you doing). But is it all about languages?

Got there after taking a look to the weibo page of "Word of Honor" series adaptation... I suspected about security while playing...

Videogames & failure

"But what of failures that cannot be redeemed by fantasies of success? What if, through video games, the feelings associated with failure were put to different ends? Might that experience have some affective and socio-technological significance that extends beyond the context of our play?"
-Aubrey Anable

Love this kinda questions. They remind me something I saved for fun:

Having a broad perspective on what a video game is has its advantages, such as thinking affects theoretically:

"I use a purposely broad definition of 'video games' in this book—­from the narratively complex and graphically rich products of the contemporary video game industry to comparatively simple mobile games, and from early 'computer games' to experimental ludic works by artists."

(Audrey Anable, Playing with Feelings. Video Games and Affect, xviii)

Hello fediworld, I'd like to invite you to take a look at my first image collection at Pixelfed, called "Imaginary ancient Greek walkabout" (the subtitle has the explanation).

You're welcome to watch:

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