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Hi everyone!

Introducing myself in this great instance: I am a writer (Spanish) and recently a gamer-videogame theory enthusiast, althought I've been gaming all my life. I have a blog (Spanish) about this subject regarding ludopolitics and philosophical perspectives on gaming.

I also love art and am studing a PhD in Modern Literature. If U like U can know more about me in my gemini capsule (profile).

Looking forward to meet nice people and sharing thoughts!

New pics!

The perspective of the photo-mode photographer (we can have a theoretical approach to this from Intermediality) in videogames count as "being in situ" and realization of point of view. What do you think?

Take a look:

Want to share with you the playlists I have about some videogames I've played:

* Assassin's Creed Odyssey
* Ghost of Tsushima
* Days Gone

UR all welcome to watch.

Some of Assassin's Creed Valhalla lanscapes remind a little of medieval art paintings (most of the fortress and towers) and much of classical (XVIIIth. c.) regarding ruins, or XIXth. century paintings (mountains, trees, light).

Thats an awesome detail.

For example:

Videogames today may be a background for a distopic simulation and virtualisation of life as a "metaverse" (sic) of leisure (for the ones capable to be in it). The same as now but Sword Art Online kind of.

So, recognising our fascination for other worlds (art, videogames, literature, cinema) that help us escape from the real one...the photo-mode of some videogames has its particular show here:

Where it seems one have been, a virtual historical past or else

I have some images taken from some videogames when I use them. I try to include my own perspective using the photo-mode. They're collected in my Pixelfed account and if you want to take a look, here you go:


Offences to copyright

«Stop: you can't stream a Demo (free & limited version) of our videogame» the videogame industry says, the streaming channel reinforces, the console puts in practice.

The result: a banner.


Cuadro No.1
Una historia que desarrollé a manera gráfica para mí participación en el para
Espero les guste!


I write music from time to time.

This one is called "Dissonanze"

It can be downloaded in lossless format from my #Bandcamp

If you happen to like it and want to share your impressions or suggestions with me, please do so here! Thank you.

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