New commission post! I do these digitally, and provide them as such. 300x300mm flattened files, 300dpi, for personal use only.
🖌️ With a background (like the pieces below) - £65
🖌️ Full figures - £40
🖌️ Busts - £30
I'll add more CW'd examples below, but my insta is linked on my profile, there's loads there. Boosts appreciated! 💙
Full terms and conditions and info here:

I kind of got into 3d modelling, probably you'll see more 3d from me from now on 😼

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Here's a 3d remake of Dr Seuss' painting called "Elephant Presenting Flower To Bird"
It was a school assignment (:
The only thing I was helped with making was the road part connecting to the mountain. Many thanks to my teacher!

Made entirely in Blender

I love how the bird came out I'm sorry for being narcisstic, but I can't help it

Testing out Clip Studio Paint

It's quite good, now I have a dillema which program to buy - Artrage update or CSP fkgjfkldjgf

So I finally started using Zine maker
it's sooo awesome.
I'm going to make many things with this

But what I really enjoyed today was doing these abstract "letters". I started with these two red ones yesterday and with watercolor first, then quickly moved on to acrylic paint.

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Here is a template in PDF format of the Mastodon Paper-Toy.
You will need scissors, glue and a cutter. It may take a bit of patience as well ^^

#papertoy #papercraft #mastodon #mastotoy #mastocraft #diy

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