i tried to sculpt a rose first but realized it was pretty difficult so instead i made a quick little cherry blossom :3

@emacsen nomad sculpt! its a 3d sculpting app for the ipad

@emacsen @foervraengd Looks like a subdivision modeler similar to ZBrush? Nearest free software equivalent would probably be Wings3d, which surprisingly still seems pretty active!

@foervraengd as a COMPLETE BEGINNER I had found this tutorial almost ten years ago and I found it simple and very effective!

It's based on Blender but maybe the core techniques are adaptable to NobadSculpt too.

Here is my result with that (not very creative, I know, but at least I was able to understand the concepts behind this "project" thanks to Andrew Price's tutorial).

#blender #3d #tutorial #flowers

@racchio thanks but it was roses i struggled with, i already made a cherry flower haha (i aimed for a low poly look). There are rose tutorials for nomad, i just need to practice more.

Nomad is great but it doesnt have a good tool for making a surface curl up nicely (essentially you have to mask the area and use the gizmo back and forth and hope the mesh cooperates lol).

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