ken-doll like nudity (no genitalia and no nipples) 

More shots, some of these show the naked body so im putting it under a cw just in case. The main reason theyre naked is because…. clothes are apparently really difficult to make in 3d especially for beginners. And tbh the cloak alone was a challenge (im not at all happy with how it turned out but i had to call it done at some point).

i wanted to add more stuff, like i wanted to see if it could even add a splashing wave of water and other stuff but like… i was already passing 1 million vertices at this point and this has been an extremely ambitious piece already as it is. Ive never done a 3d sculpt this elaborate before. Im not even a 3d artist i started using nomad this hecking week.

@foervraengd Wow that's really cool.
X3 I still need to try out NomadSculpt.

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