😭 this is the best fish i have ever made and its not even a drawing!!! im so happy with this one omg

this is awesome. does your tool provide ways to paint texture inside it ?
you can have a look at #blender and #b3d stuff, it does everything with libre software.

@tykayn i can paint textures and colors in Nomad with no problem. The only thing it cannot do is rigging. I dont use blender because my macbook is ten years old and Nomad is good enough for me at the moment.

@tykayn once i feel good enough i will probably use blender at work to try out rigging (it can rig right? Everyone says blender can do everything 3D after all)

yup it can rig, animate, and support 2d drawing. i used it on a 15 years old computer, when there is too much polygones for the hardware to show, you can filter things from display and everything runs fine.
glad you do what you do

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