i wish that long text posts got a "see more" button after 1 paragraph. i might CW my long posts cos it seems a bit intrusive on the TL. and i write long posts a lot

@machinesbleedtoo Such a feature wouldn't be appropriate for what's meant to be a microblogging platform, I think.

FWIW, I haven't felt like your posts so far have been intrusive. If anything, I rather like to see the occasional longer text post on the timeline to break up all the images and quips. Granted, I do keep my columns a little wider than default, but a lot of clients, and even the official web client, now default to a single even wider column rather than 300px multi-columns.


@eishiya @machinesbleedtoo i mean there are users on instances that allow 1-10k letters. Not all instances consider theirs a “micro” blogging place. So tbh i def agree that a readmore linebreak would be nice. A few days ago i legit scrolled forever just to get past ONE post when checking the federated tl.

@foervraengd @machinesbleedtoo Ah, I was only thinking of the local timeline. For timelines with federated posts, since federation isn't just Mastodon anyway, a feature like that would be good. And it could easily be a client feature, so there's no reason any given Mastodon (or other Fedi) client couldn't add it :D

@eishiya @foervraengd yeah oof that's intense??? that's like a tumblr post length and then some??

i think i'll just cw it with like, "long post [topic]" cos if ppl wanna read my long posts they can just one click it. it looks really intrusive on my TL when i post to me so it had me go hmm

(+ ty for compliment!)

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