Warrior Cats Biker AU: Medicine Cats! (or mechanic cats?)

in the biker!au of Warriors, the medicine cats repair both cats *and* the bikes!

Yellowfangs bike is old and rusted from lots of use through the wetlands in shadowclan before she got kicked out.

Cinderpelt and Jayfeather both ride on the same bike - I like the idea that the new med/mech cat inherits the bike of their mentor/tutor.

When Jayfeather got his bike he used his skills to rebuild it into an electric bike, so he can easier use echolocation to navigate on it!

@foervraengd i've been really enjoying your new warrior cats au. these are gorgeous, i really like the little textured strokes. :)

@solziggurat oh these arent new, this is stuff i drew a year ago and im just gradually uploading them in small bursts once a day :)

@foervraengd oh lmao ok!!! goes to show how much you miss on twt. regardless these are still great!

@foervraengd I love the idea that the medic is also the mechanic 💕 beautiful bikes BTW those are such a challenge to draw 👏

@leavt thank you! Also i use 3D models on the bikes so dont give me too much credit haha

@foervraengd oh smart! they still match very well with your style!

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