@foervraengd My cats do the same, it's like they assume

"The guardian has provided a seat. A special placemat, a box just for me. Time to sit upon my ✨ Throne ✨ "

@foervraengd Which brown ink is that? 👀

(She is also gorgeous!)

@badger SBRE Brown! it was a special edition ink. it has really nice shading!

@foervraengd Ooo, thanks! There's just something about a nice brown ink. :blobhaj_tiny_hearts:

@forever hey if you think its fun to go and say rude shit at ppls pets then youre not worth my time. Byeee.

@foervraengd uhm... I think that's a "worship me & I will consider allowing you to use the notebook... when I no longer require it!" look 🤣🤦‍♀️

@juliasnz jokes on her she is already worshipped and loved

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