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(Redoing my intro post)
Hi I’m Mirre! I run the comic “Tunes Of Lycka” which you can find here:

I go by “foervraengd” on tumblr, Twitter, insta and dA. I also do gilding and faux painting!

I shit you not it’s impossible to do anything without sister coming up with some ducking reason to tell me I’m doing it wrong.

I’d enjoy my job as a gilder and faux painter if my boss wasn’t my dad and how awful he is at managing the place. He respond to any critique by literally threatening to close down the company.

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Fuck I don’t wanna go to the event w my colleagues I’m rly not feeling like dealing w dad and shit and trying to make up “good memories” when this year has been fucking shit at my job. I rly don’t wanna go I just wanna do my job. This all feels so forced on dads side, he knows there’s been conflicts and he’s handled it rly badly. How tf do I say I don’t wanna come.

Suicide tw, k pop idols etc 

Apparently a kpop star committed suicide recently and my twitter tl is full of sadness. I’m not into kpop or the whole idol concept because it is a disgusting industry and as awful as it is, idols committing suicide was just a matter of time. The pressure end expectations they put on idols is inhumane. All my condolences to his friends and family. Let’s hope this won’t become a thing and that fans understand what industry they support.

I recently got a set of kuretake gansai tambi opaque watercolors. They’re a lot like between gouache and watercolors but have a glossy finish and doesn’t look as chalky when dry. I really enjoy using this for painting practice!

Mild nudity, like very mild 

Today’s art study based on Catherine jones “Lilly pads”. Did two paintings of this one, second try turned out much better.

Did an art study today on an artwork by one of my big art inspirations; kaicarpenter (on deviantart). The original obviously surpasses mine. But god damn their skills with gouache is so inspiring and I learned so much from painting this.

Getting there! And my arm doesn’t seem to hurt today so I’m going it’ll recover fully soon.

Smoking, hookah 

“You can’t sit with us”

Tried out a new paper to see if it could handle my ink washes. It obviously couldn’t.

I’m genuinely feeling sad that i miss out on socializing w friends online due to time zones.

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Applied some DAS putty as a base so I can easier carve out the ornament details tomorrow. Now I’m gonna head home and rest my arms.

Inks used: platinum carbon black, iroshizuku Yama budo, iroshizuku kon peki, emerald of chivor and copic opaque white. And a lot of water.

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