Tip for people seeing friends join counter.social -- it is not a good fediverse neighbor! Myself and a bunch of other admins blocked it a couple years ago because the people who were running it were unfriendly to the point of abusive!

They admit to some of this in their own FAQ: counter.social/faq.html

Get your friends on good servers. 💚

(Like here, for example! I'll send an invite code to anyone, and any Shop member can make invites)

Wow, how absolutely... uh, interesting.

"No foreign influence ops"?

For real? How can they be sure? ...and how exactly do they DEFINE "foreign influence ops"?

Looks like an oppressive, paranoid place to me. You might as well be on Twitter as on counter.social


Ohhh, christ... what an goddamn oppressive, godawful spot.

Run away.

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