On blocking 

Block and mute early

Block and mute often

Do it for reasons that are entirely "selfish"

No one is entitled to your attention

There will not be a test

Nothing bad happens if you don't hear them

Too many techbros? Mute 'em all

That one guy's jokes need a CW? Your timeline can be full of other stuff

You can even mute that one person's boosts while keeping their posts

It's not censorship; you're not hurting that person

And you don't ever need to explain it or tell anyone

On blocking 

@bgcarlisle You're reading my mind.
I came over to about a year and a half or so ago; nearly a decade of previous experience on Twitter gave me a no-shit-taking attitude and an itchy Block Finger. I learned very quickly to not bother muting on Twitter, but to just go whole hog and straight-up block 'em if they stick in my craw. I brought that attitude with me to Mastodon and it's done me really well.

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