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"Visible From Orbit"

All De Blasio did was put up a bunch of crummy street signs; Bowser's hypocrisy is visible from orbit.

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"I Voted"

The State and Capital aren't being peaceful; why should the People feel obligated to be peaceful? Screw "peaceful".

I'm trying to move back to from, but I'm trapped in the "create an account alias" loop.

The account is apparently "active", but I'm stuck at the the "create an account alias" step with no apparent next step.

Where do I go from here?

"When CNN isn’t busy reversing reality by presenting North Korea, a country whose entire military budget is less than the NYPD’s, and less than a tenth of South Korea’s, as a serious 'threat,' it also falsely presents South Korea as a bastion of freedom."

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"In reality, South Korea has a totalitarian law, the National Security Act, which authorizes the monitoring and censoring of information that is deemed to be 'pro-North,' which can result in deportation, imprisonment and torture, and was used to execute political prisoners"

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A Trump/Bolsonaro-like Mexican oligarch is leading a coalition of corporate leaders and far-right fanatics called FRENA to try to overthrow President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO).

@jgarguello3 and I investigated these extremists at @TheGrayzoneNews:

All my mutuals are funnier than dril.

Sorry not sorry dril.

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I'm old enough to remember when Stephen Colbert used to parody Bill O'Reilly while O'Reilly promoted John Bolton to conservatives. Now Colbert is normalizing Bolton for his liberal audience. A clear sign of how US politics and culture have shifted right over the last decades.

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Today's new Superseding Indictment against Julian Assange is a further pathetic attempt by the DOJ to dupe the public. This is about the publics right to know and the right to publish.

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The US-Phillippines war was one of the most grotesque wars in history. In one island, Captain Smith ordered the soldiers to kill everyone over the age of 10.

David Fagen refused to commit these atrocities, defected and fought on the side of the Filipino Liberation Army

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How farcical is this?! The Indpendent is now calling *its own story* an "anti-Semitic conspiracy theory"! Bananas.

This is jaw-dropping and needs way more attention:

The mass murderer behind the largest shooting in Canada's history—who dressed as a cop and drove a replica police car as he killed 22 people—was apparently an agent or informant of the federal police RCMP

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The man who made the pressure-cooker bombs used by the Boston Bombers was protected by the FBI.

Daniel Morley has never seen a courtroom, has no criminal record, and is free to this day. The government has never explained.

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