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Latest'n'Greatest, at my cartoon blog: "The Bible Returns To The Palace"

The US/Bolivian junta is doing it the same as the Spanish 500 years ago: steal the land, plunder the resources, murder the indigenous, and claim that god is with you.

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"Another Star For Their Flag"

Fuck the CIA.

That's pretty much all I've got for you on this one.

Fuck the CIA, and fuck the USA.

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Latest'n'Greatest, at my cartoon blog:
"Another New DC Flag"

Last night in Your Nation's Capital, an off-duty cop shot and wounded 2 people over in Southeast...

The city of La Paz sees another multi-sector march & rally demanding the resignation of the coup self-declared president. Social organizations have marched through the city everyday since the coup was consolidated on Sunday, November 10. @teleSURenglish – At Plaza San Francisco

Several political parties signed an agreement to call for a referendum, but they are trying to leave the option of a constituent assembly, which social movements have been demanding, out of the question.

In 15 days, Senator Áñez, who proclaimed herself Bolivian "president" went from having 8,000 followers to 150,000, of which at least 40,000 are newly created accounts.

This morning, two mothers without shelter, born and raised in Oakland, retook possession of a vacant investor-owned property in West Oakland.


Wedgewood Properties has kept this home vacant for the last two years. For every homeless person in Oakland, there are four vacant homes like this one. #HousingisaHumanRight #Moms4Housing


.@evoespueblo supporters continue to march across Bolivia to reject police and military violence amid the coup against their president. Huge mobilizations took place in Cochabamba, La Paz, El Chapare and El Alto today.

Hey @SHAQ: Law enforcement partnerships with @RING don’t make neighborhoods safer—they turn our front doors into vast, unaccountable surveillance networks. #NothingButDragnet

#cats are doing that thing again where they look like an alternative album cover

#INPICTURES: Today marks one month since the beginning of the protests demanding structural changes in #Chile. Here is a selection of the best pictures from local photographers.

According to Zillow, the house was purchased for a half million this August. Wedgewood Properties of Redondo Beach in LA likely plans to flip it for profit. Speculators from all over are driving up housing costs while thousands live in the streets.

[New Feature] Isiah Murrietta-Golding Shot in the Back of the Head by Fresno Police

A supportive neighbor came by and pointed out this vacant house around the corner on 30th Street. She said she is certain the city of Oakland owns it and people should take action there, too. But instead of utilizing such properties, the city puts homeless people in tool sheds

“Charlie’s Angels” Flopped At The Box Office - via D-Listed

The Venezuelan president stressed that despite the bribes the Venezuelan officers have remained loyal to the Bolivarian Revolution.

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