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Latest'n'Greatest: "Next Year's Model"

Here's a fun factoid for you: at least 70% of Earth's lithium reserves are in Bolivia — you know lithium, the stuff that's in the batteries in your phone, your laptop, your trendy electric car...?

Quite a happenstance for the US-backed fascist coupmongers there, huh?

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Latest'n'Greatest, at my cartoon blog: "The Bible Returns To The Palace"

The US/Bolivian junta is doing it the same as the Spanish 500 years ago: steal the land, plunder the resources, murder the indigenous, and claim that god is with you.

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"Another Star For Their Flag"

Fuck the CIA.

That's pretty much all I've got for you on this one.

Fuck the CIA, and fuck the USA.


One of our staffers went to a Bernie Karaoke event last night. The staffer of one of the Dem Party's prospective establishment candidates was really drunk. They tried to poach our staffer, & sexually agressed her. Heck just dropped 2 days ago. Is this really how this is gonna be?


The president of the Philippines has expressed willingness to reopen the peace process with the Communist Party, declared illegal in the country.

ejected from the programming competition for use of performance enhancing drugs (estrogen, progesterone)


In the last 24 hours I've seen news of a prison strip searching an 8 year old girl, a shootout in which police used bystanders as shields and fired indiscriminately into rush hour traffic, and another child dying in a border concentration camp.

Rage is the only proper reaction.


#Brazil's Federal Justice acquitted former leftist presidents @LulaOficial and @dilmabr of accusations of being part of a "criminal organization."

#Brazil | Demonstrations continue against police brutality and the Bolsonaro government, after 9 teenagers died during a military police operation at a Funk Music Party in the Paraisopolis favela.

Our correspondent @BrianMteleSUR has the details.

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Shitlib ending an argument with a leftist:
Fuck you. I hope you fall off a building and die.

Leftist ending an argument with a shitlib: Fuck you. By the way, I want you to live a better life, have more money, and have opportunities to broaden your shallow views beyond the drivel you just spat here.

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How to fight back against Google AMP as a web user and a web developer


Centrists and conservatives have never fought fair. You're not under any obligation to do so.


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