There's a skin contest on in which you have to match the familars/monsters. So after a year of not drawing accents and also 1.5 years of not entering any skin contests, I'm trying my luck with some of the floral themed familars! πŸ˜„

The fox and also the dragon base are ©️, I've only drawn the flowers on the dragon.

Now that ArtFight is over I'm back at working on my comic.

So I looked at the previously finished pages and Luise's face is so chibi-like?? πŸ™ˆ
I've corrected the faces now.

Here's the first page in parts. I finished the town and castle views and only the living room is left. 😴

Let's see if I'll have time and energy tomorrow.

Starting to color a page of my for the first time.

1st panel:
Ok, I'll just throw the base colors in there. No shadows, or I'll never finish this comic.

2nd panel:
There's a window in the back I NEED RIMLIGHT.

I decided to establish all Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have cute faces, also the old ones, then I don't have a problem with Luise having a very young-looking face. πŸ‘Œ

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I've started the lines of my second comic page (because page 1 is full of backgrounds :lies_down:) and ... I forgot bubbles need a lot of space.

I'd like the text to be large enough so you could read it in a reduces size like uploaded here. But then the bubbles need even more space. πŸ˜†

In 's pet expansion's Neighborhood lives a cat-lady in a very pretty tiny house.
And I've got her a wife, who is now pregnant. πŸ‘Œ

The cat-lady has cat-ears... And owns 4 cats but all cats of the town can enter her house. There are so many cats. πŸ™ˆ

I sketched the first two pages of my . πŸ˜„

The text is also not final. As are the location of the bubbles. Oh an the castle in the second panel is traced. πŸ˜† I had a stock photo as a placeholder there but wanted to show the sketches here, so I quickly traced it.

I don't know anything about page layouts, so I started sketching square panels of whats happening. πŸ˜„ I've already grouped the panels (using thick borders to indicate new pages).

Those here will be the first 5 pages and after that the will turn NSFW. I plan to upload it on FurAffinity, when I'm done. But at least I can use the first 5 pages to talk about my progress here, too. πŸ€—

Trying myself at some with my character on his farm. 🌳🌲

Mainly because my neck and eyes tell me I should stop playing non-stop... πŸ™ˆ

When you drag and drop pictures in and have an open picture, it asks you if you want to
1. add it as a new layer
2. add it as a new weird layer I don't understand
3. add it as a new document
-> 4. add it as a reference

and here I have three references open around my current one. πŸ‘€
An incredibly handy feature!! :star_eyes:

Actually I've been working on this picture today. But I've drawn my OC in between because this here is so complicated... 😴
But I'm almost done with the lines!!! 😀 (I have to finish the picture this month. :lies_down:)

Here's a of above's picture showing the grid! :D
Also on the right side is the sketch and on the left side the lines but drawn with pencil.

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Actually today's sketchtember of mine is a beautiful (? horrifying?) example on how heavily I edit my sketches.

It's a bit pathetic I'm not able to draw correct faces on paper.
But who am I to say no to the wonders of photoshopping!


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