Not quite sure how to shade digitally , so I'm testing things out. Here I did a color study of a picture by Valentina-Remenar on :deviantart:.

With a random Mats head.

Here's the picture I studied (cn: bright colors and gore I think?):

I'm doing studies and copy faces of the four characters from yesterday, so the finished lines will actually look like them, haha.

I wanted to draw my characters dancing, but I don't know how??? So I did some studies and copied some frames of a woman on youtube teaching club dancing! :mastodance:

6 - husky

Took a bit longer and also yesterday I didn't really feel like drawing.

But the reference had such a fitting size for my square sketch book, so I wanted to copy everything. :D
I used a grid to copy the pictures. That's really helpful to match the proportions and made me realize there are some parts I continuously want to draw in the wrong size... xD

Reference link (which hopefully works):

04 - freeze

Ooh, there's a preview now when choosing the location of the thumbnail and a larger box to enter the description. Nice. 😍

I ignored the dog though... :D

cw: eye contact

03 - bait

A handsome and happy man from a stock photo might fit today's prompt in the widest sense. Who knows, somewhere he might be used in an ad, convincing people to buy something because he's so pretty! πŸ€”


02 - mindless

Babies are cute but difficult to draw! I switched from brush pen to ballpen so I can draw finer lines. x)

Babies nibbling on random things are probably not that mindless at all... With them learning so much in such a short time! πŸ€” But then I really wanted to draw a baby so I stuck with the idea anyway!



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