It seems I lost my coloration skills in the last few years, so have old traditional art from 2012 to 2014 for !
The good thing is, you get to see stuff I haven't posted here yet (iirc). πŸ‘Œ

But I really should train using colors. Oh stars.

, what a sweet idea! I love using different styles.

Here are four older |s of mine, which I haven't posted yet, with different styles! Two painted with gouache, two with copics.

Vegeta () and Yamato () attempt a rare and highly dangerous inter-universal fist bump, because I know someone who likes those two characters very much. πŸ˜„

I drew this (here yet un-cut) in June and realized once more that color pencils are my favorite drawing tool. 😍

Some |s I've drawn in 2017 but still like.

They've been for a surrealism trading challenge and made so much fun to think about and draw. πŸ˜„
Also, the other entries were awesome and very creative!

CW: slight nudity

I finished this picture last month. It's from an challenge in which we were supposed to copy old famous painting or print and add something from a fandom. Here I used Sofanisba Anguissola's "The Chess Game" and exchanged the chess board with cards. πŸ˜„

I learned about Anguissola in this documentation video which was really interesting:


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