30 days left until 2021!
Today's prompt of my made-up drawing challenge is "fireplace". This was easy, fast and fun! πŸ€—

Oh, I forgot their fur pattern. Also yesterday I forgot to color one plate. XD
That's what happens if you draw quick pictures, I guess.

Prompt list: mastodon.art/@fluffyfied/10530

31 days left until 2021!
Here's the picture for the prompt "family" of my made-up drawing challenge. (see my prompt list here: mastodon.art/@fluffyfied/10530 )

Why did random-org have to put this prompt on the first day. Family means lot of characters. πŸ™ˆ
Anyway, this is Renee's family (minus brother) and Mats!

I made myself a prompt picture! πŸ€—
But I'm missing 7 prompts. What else is vaguely cozy and/or vaguely winter themed? πŸ€”
And I guess I should make a hashtag...

Linguee told me hottie is a synonym for hot-water bottle and, well, if Linguee says so! Then I can't do anything against that. πŸ˜†

Background is by Alisa Anton on Unsplash unsplash.com/photos/u_z0X-yrJI

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My finished picture for the queer calendar 2021!

Renee and Mats are doing Alm-Abtrieb: They bring down the cows from the mountain back to the town. If nothing bad happened to the cows or family that year, then the cows wear pretty head-dresses!

The calendar is pre-ordable until 8th of December here: forms.gle/djCb6fHeCGfSDPYu6

The profit goes to the charity queer refugees Germany.

The full picture the above microscope photos are taken from! My boyfriend chubby_shark ( :twitter: ) drew the lines and did the finish including sticking everything together. I colored it.

The style is inspired by Fab Ciraolo!

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I have access to a very fancy microscope and realized it could also be utilized to enlarge more than work-samples. πŸ‘€

So I stayed a bit longer after work today to take some pictures of printed out postcards! πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”¬

Below is the magnified view of a picture which I've drawn with my boyfriend. (I will post the picture in a reply post, so you can compare!)

The single points of a printer dot look so voluminous at x2000 magnification. :0

The queer calendar project I'm participating in is open for pre-order until the 8th of December! πŸ€—

It's a charity project and the profit will be donated to the queer refugees Germany project.

Here's the link to the pre-order form:

Here's the link to the organizator's post on :twitter: with more information:

Boosts appreciated!

I'm participating in a queer calendar project for next year! πŸ€—
My entry is the one in the bottom right. (It's all works in progress though!)

Link to organizator's post: twitter.com/nimatkaja/status/1

Hi, I'm a thirty-ish year old hobby artist from Germany, who might post manga and/or furry art!

I usually doodle my OCs or those of friends. Occasionally you can also find fanart or random art here.

🐾 furrylife.online/profile/4626-
:deviantart: deviantart.com/fluffyfied
🏠 toyhou.se/fluffyfied

Has anyone okayish turnip prices currently (like above 100 bells), who would be fine with me visiting? :lies_down:
We had a bad week...

I've ordered Alphonso Dunn's ink teaching book, because it sounded nice. Also two copies of the workbook so my boyfriend and I can fill one each. πŸ€—

I might start working through it in October during or or . Or whatever hashtag is popular thats not !

We started watching and I expected something totally different, which is why we haven't started watching it earlier. It's hilarious. πŸ˜‚
Feneko is my favorite character.

So far I've created two entries for 's skin contest! C:

The dragon bases and the animals are ©️ flightrising.com

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There's a skin contest on in which you have to match the familars/monsters. So after a year of not drawing accents and also 1.5 years of not entering any skin contests, I'm trying my luck with some of the floral themed familars! πŸ˜„

The fox and also the dragon base are ©️ flightrising.com, I've only drawn the flowers on the dragon.

Now that ArtFight is over I'm back at working on my comic.

So I looked at the previously finished pages and Luise's face is so chibi-like?? πŸ™ˆ
I've corrected the faces now.

I've drawn this in one hour!

A very quick kiss for my friend Sternengreif on :twitter:. This might be my last ArtFight attack.
Actually I've drawn this just so I can try to upload something in the last hours, sorry ArtFight-servers. πŸ˜‚

and gave me energy to finish @jake@cat-from-outer.space's Jake! πŸ˜„
I started the sketch last weekend but the lines wouldn't turn out the way I wanted back then. πŸ€”

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