Is here somebody from Germany? And can tell me what is the best website to look for a room to rent??? I applied for a dormitory but they didn't answer yet and the rooms I find are either for men/catholics only or twice as expensie as I can afford :(


@Atsuko I'm from Germany and can make a list of the sites I know, when I'm at home from work!

Last time I had to check for rooms/flats was 2017 (room for half a year) and 2015 (permanent flat), but I can also share my knowledge if you want to.

@fluffyfied that would be super helpful if you can!!! I still have a week before I travel to actually see some flats so it's not that urgent (in certain way)!! I just tried to see where the most offers are and had meltdown because of all there "for men-only" listings -;

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