Etiquette PSA 

When messaging a stranger, DO NOT just greet them. ALWAYS include an indication of what you want to talk to them about!

Messages with an unclear intent can easily make for an awkward or anxious situation, especially if one/both of you can't reply right away. They make it hard for busy people to prioritise, since they don't know if your message is work or casual. For these reasons, some people just ignore greeting-only messages.

Everyone's better off if you state your intent :D


Etiquette PSA 

@eishiya Yes, thanks for writing this!

And if a subject line is available (e.g. in e-mails, on FurAffinity, deviantART, ...) it's really helpful if it summarizes the content of the message. 🙈
This is also handy if someone has to find an old message again.

Bad: "Hi" / ":3"
Good: "Inquiry about commissions" / "Question about payment"

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