Yesterday I've made an account on pixelfed:
On which I plan to post finished works w/o talking/discussions (inspired by @ChrisTalleras , thank you xD).
Then I'd have a portfolio-substitute e.g. for zine applications. C:

But I'm a bit confused about how to follow users from other instances, let alone mastodon. XD
I'll need a few days to understand it, I guess. I've never been on Instagram, so maybe that's why I'm so confused.

@fluffyfied people should be able to follow you from @fluffyfied
Searching for [@]username[@]instance.address (without the square brackets) should allow people to find the right (#pixelfed) account.

@FiXato Aah, thank you! Somehow I've always missed that first "@".

It doesn't seem to work the other way around (being on and searching for mastodon accounts e.g.) but I'll just take some time on the weekend and look if pixelfed-beginner-guides or something similar exist. 😄

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