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I'm a twenty-something year old hobby artist from Germany and completely new to mastodon, so I hope I don't mess up stuff in this post here! 😄
I draw manga and/or furry pictures in digital, traditional or mixed.
Nice to meet you!


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day 15. Mats and Renee together as furries!

Now I've catched up again. :D

I can't stop sketching today! 💪

I'm practicing heads by copying photos. The two sketches in the upper right are from the past, though. Maybe 2017? 🙈

(See, I usually don't draw that much, so I tent to share everything, hmmmm...)

And Mats' furry version for day 14 of ! He's inspired by Kooikerhondje dogs!

I have day 15 ready as well and will upload it in a few hours. 💪
(I got quicker by switching from multiple small sketches to one big one... 😆)

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I'm running out of OCs to sketch for sketchtember!

Anyone interested in me sketching their character? C:
(No warranties that I'll draw all or that they'll look great though, lmao.)

day 13! Renee from day 6 also has a furry version. She's a Great Pyrenees dog.

My furry OCs are all dogs, because I only began drawing furry characters in 2017 and ... started with dogs. I should consider other animals as well. 🤔

12th day of . If I'm motivated enough I'll also do the 13th day today, so that I'll be only one day behind!

Ina and Ben, from day 10 and 11 together!

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NSFW for artistic nudity.

This is an OC pair by someone else which I tried to draw in the style of Gustav Klimt. Now I think the pair is still okay, but the background... What have I been thinking? Ok, I know, I just wanted to finish the picture quickly. A bad decision! (2014)
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Day 11 of . Ben is Ina's (day 10) boyfriend. He's also in his early twenties and just finished school. Unlike Ina he has already plans for his future and wants to do something with programming.

Technically he's not my OC, but of my bf. We invented that pair together. :D

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id love to ask for some help with the colors! my colors on laptop and phone are completely different so idk which to trust but i just want to know if theyre like... balanced and read well?

id love some honest feedback on how it is so far; thing i could improve upon or tweak or any tips really! im not really a game, more like... a walk simulator lol

its for her birthday haha (of the character in question)

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Here's the other illustrated haiku I forgot to post! CW for non-sexual nudity, very subtle blood, gross creatures, /I guess a ham-fisted metaphor for corporate strucutres 

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