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I'm a twenty-something year old hobby artist from Germany and completely new to mastodon, so I hope I don't mess up stuff in this post here! πŸ˜„
I draw manga and/or furry pictures in digital, traditional or mixed.
Nice to meet you!


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it was my friends birthday yesterday and i didnt want to post this here until i gave it to him, he absolutely loved it #art #artwork #mastoart #mastodraw #creativetoots #illustration #fediart

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some little illustrations that i going to use in my page in information part :tp_e: : the operative system and software that i use, my mastodon link and a introduction about what is mastodon :tp_mani:

:mastoart: :twitch: :mastodance: :mastodon: :krita:

When I'm not drawing I work as a scientist. And sooner or later this means I have to go to conferences and present posters in front of unknown people who all know so much more than me. And have to discuss with them and make connections... πŸ‘€πŸ’¦

My boss says this is all learnable and I believe her, because I've already learned being cool with presentations to co-workers, but I'd love to skip those few (or many) years in which I'll learn it. :lies_down:

I mean, I only draw for fun and not for the moneys, so making my pictures freely usable for others seems logical...

I'm reviving my old :deviantart: account to use it as a low-effort portfolio and I've found out you can easily add CC licenses to your pictures there. So I'm thinking about doing this with my non-oc & non-fanart images. πŸ€”

But then I also have to upload the full resolution I guess and I guess I should mention it in other places as well when I'm uploading stuff. I can see me forgetting it constantly, hmmm.

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after drawing my own i developed an unfortunate condition that makes me want to draw all of my friends' sonas. so here's my partner's!

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The picture from 2010! Accoring to the text across the dress, I apparently was waiting for iTunes to finish installing while I was drawing this. πŸ˜†

I was sorting old pictures and have found one from 2010 which I still like. But it's rather sketchy, so I've redrawn it!

I'll post the old picture in a sub-toot. C:

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this also means that I am looking to commission more art of packetcat

so if you are an artist interested in taking such a commission, please hit me up


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Allegedly #Microsoft loves Open Source now. So the #FSF wants them to release #Windows7 under a FOSS license after support for this release has ended.

Petition at:


Another emo outfit, this time dieKatzenhai's (:twitter:) outfit + OC!

The outfit looks like it's of an assassin.

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whoop I was on a trip and now I'm back. I was away from computer so I drew in my sketchbook instead.

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Hi, I'm machine_cat! I'm a digital artist, I primarily do character design but i like painting landscapes from time to time as well.
I also make experimental-ish music, geocities-style websites, and other small hobbies, etc..

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✨ Happy Goblin Week ✨

Welcome to GoblinFest, the first-ever world-wide Goblin culture and pride festival! Please remember to avoid the gaze of our dark and briny goddess Zogmugot unless you're certain you'll be found worthy. Carnivorous pets, tallfolk, and bonfires should be strictly supervised at all times for your own safety... but hey, we aren't cops. Dock your boat wherever, and get partying!

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