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I'm a twenty-something year old hobby artist from Germany and completely new to mastodon, so I hope I don't mess up stuff in this post here! 😄
I draw manga and/or furry pictures in digital, traditional or mixed.
Nice to meet you!


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I finished my pets cup design! :D
I can't wait for the cups to arrive. They are supposed to be Xmas presents, but I've myself a copy as well, so I have a cup for work.

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Having not drawn anything during November I'm now back at it because Christmas presents!

I'd like to design a cup with different (past & current) pets of my family on it, but can't decide whether I go fully tracing (left cat, top left dog) of more stylized (right cat). 🤔
Probably stylized, because on the cup they'll be tiny, lmao... But the traced cat is cute.

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Hello there! I'm an artist from India. New to the artalley instance. Looking to connect with fellow artists and commissioners. Here is some of my work —

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Hello #artalley , I'm new to the whole mastadon scene. I'm still learning the ropes here. I figure that I should post something art related on my page.
Here's a portrait of my mother's dog that I've been working on. It's still a work in progress. 🤗 #ipadart #dog #digitalart #doglovers #wip

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#peertube 's mascot: I made a vector puppet from my sketch in #inkscape to ease futures derivations and maintainance.

Thread & sources:

I've lost my motivation for Inktober. 😂
Instead I resumed dabbling around with accents. :D

I created flower accents for Tundras and Gaolers a while ago and now added a blue version. 😄
A nice and easy task but I feel like I've created something. 💪

For those who don't know FR: The black dragon bases are from the pet site! I only drew and colored the flowers on them (minus the flowers around the eyes for the white ones).

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‪It’s time!!‬
‪I’m Mona and I make Maya Monsters inspired by maya ruins and glyphs from my home region of Chiapas, Mexico ‬

‪࿓ :patreon:

‪࿓ :ko_fi:

‪࿓ Commissions

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First full calendar piece!! :) The calendar for 2020 ist printed and can be bought for 12 euro + shipping hehe

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Here's a of above's picture showing the grid! :D
Also on the right side is the sketch and on the left side the lines but drawn with pencil.

6 - husky

Took a bit longer and also yesterday I didn't really feel like drawing.

But the reference had such a fitting size for my square sketch book, so I wanted to copy everything. :D
I used a grid to copy the pictures. That's really helpful to match the proportions and made me realize there are some parts I continuously want to draw in the wrong size... xD

Reference link (which hopefully works):

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