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Hi, I'm a twenty-something year old hobby artist from Germany, who might post manga and/or furry art!

I usually doodle my OCs or those of friends. Occasionally you can also find fanart or random art here.


I think I want to try this too!
Anyone any ideas what I should draw?

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With all the hand-washing I've been doing over the last several weeks, I had excellent reference for re-drawing a panel from the Ling Master story "The Blue Catfish" for the upcoming "Ling Cycle" collecting Ling Master stories old and new. The new version is much more graphic and gross.

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More chibis! Or rather simplyfied characters. 🤔

Amir wasn't supposed to sit on top of Karl, but I guess now he does.

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"you have a migraine but I need to go out"

Made with myPaint and Krita. Filters are the ones in G'mic

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A present for my friend sternengreif on :twitter: showing two of their characters. Or rather one and I think the kiddo was a prop. 😆
A prop I'm recycling for my picture. 💪

They made a 4-page comic about them here:

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science fiction: in the future, robots will do everything a human can!


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Hi everyone, I decided to create an open-source illustration pack, this pack includes about 20 illustrations, some of which were created specifically for the pack and some are my old works, which I decided to put in open-source. The pack is distributed under the MIT license, I hope it will be useful to someone =) You can download it from the link: #3d #blender #lowpoly #isometric #illustration #opensource #foss #design #webdesign #free #freebie
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Y'know what? I'm gonna make a thread for cool speedpaints/art tutorials/art videos I've found helpful or interesting 🤔

Feel free to add onto this thread if you want!!

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My friends and I did an art challenge thing where we swapped brush settings and this was the one I did today >:3c Ft. Fenri my darling childe whombst I love

Another toyhouse card, this time for Toni!

Hidden for eye contact.

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Putting myself out there on this #TransDayOfVisibility

I am Roxy, multi-skilled game developer working on Shield Cat the game!! Here are some artworks that I have done, and if you check my pinned tweet, you can see gameplay of my game!!

A picture for ! :heart_sp_trans:
Mats and Renee, who are both trans, chilling on a couch. 😄

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Today is #TransDayOfVisibility and our maston mascot here on wants to spread the word.

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