The submission are open for #fantomesZine second edition! Send along your writing, poetry, illustrations, photos or something else entirely on the theme of ghosts, hauntology, occultism or spooky folklore. There is no submission deadline yet but i think I'll leave them open for a month or two. Boosts appreciated, let your friends know about it and look up issue 1 for inspiration ~ 👻

Breathless at the beautiful Carina Nebula view 💖
Webb's first images & data at NASA's James Webb Space Telescope Flickr's:

Nobody knows why, but cows are generally very abductable beings.
One possible explanation is cow's will evolve to be a superior technological species, conquering the space, and returning to the past to save some of their ancient relatives.

In any case this is the first time I draw a cow abduction I think.

Comic book lettering portfolio updated! ->
If you need a letterer for your (web)comic book project, let me know.

"Consider that the entirety of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is 708 kilobytes. To download this much data using a very slow mobile connection would be around one second [...] Pride and Prejudice is over 200 pages long, and would take almost six hours to read. Certainly a news article, tweet, or product catalog can be downloaded and rendered in a comparable amount of time to a novel."
—Brutalist Web Design:

Comentarios sobre WordPress 6.0 y el reciente rediseño en mi espacio:

@mardelvallearts ¡Ouch! Se me pasó comentar que si tienes las imágenes en 300 DPI (en jpg o tif), mucho mejor 👍

Lines I draw when I don't know what to draw...
Marked as sensitive due to (probably) eye contact.

@mardelvallearts ¡Genial! Me puedes enviar las imágenes a: 😀

Due to shortages, water supply in my city is available only from 4 to 10am. Some days, this is the tap water we get.

Clip Studio Paint sale 50% off!
$30USD (perpetual license for Windows/Mac) for the Pro version!

Lo peor de la crisis del agua en Monterrey es que Agua y Drenaje incumple con los horarios a los que se comprometió a prestar servicio, provocando stress a muchas personas que actualmente viven con los nervios de punta.

2am and out of nothing I have an urge for cornbread...

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