Breathless at the beautiful Carina Nebula view 💖
Webb's first images & data at NASA's James Webb Space Telescope Flickr's:

Comic book lettering portfolio updated! ->
If you need a letterer for your (web)comic book project, let me know.

Lines I draw when I don't know what to draw...
Marked as sensitive due to (probably) eye contact.

Due to shortages, water supply in my city is available only from 4 to 10am. Some days, this is the tap water we get.

I sketch this just to capture the image in my head. I didn't had a plan beyond that. Months later I use it as reference for the girl in my current profile banner.

(Marked as sensitive due to young naked woman and eye contact.)

For , my usual color set up on
80/90% of every work is done with a regular soft brush and selection tool.

lineart by Jerry Ordway.

Chupasangre*, circa 1867.
From 2019, one of those rare occasion where I change my usual brush set for colors. Marked as sensitive due to some blood.

*Chupasangre is a coloquial name in spanish for... vampire!!!

Ha! I find the pencils I did for one of the past sketches. Learning to draw with a pencil in a loose way take me many years.

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I've drawing since high school, but stopped for years due to work and a depression that still haunts me. I started to draw again in 2015, except for lapses (of months) where I don't draw a single thing. Anyway, here are some of those first sketches from 2015.

Saturnino Herrán (1887-1918) is one of my favorite artists. Most well-know mexicans muralist (Siqueiros, Orozco and Rivera) had in Herrán a reference. Last image is "just" a preliminar sketch of an unfinished mural... a sketch! ¡Qué diablos, Nino!

Marked as sensitive due to the last image that shows a fusion between Coatlicue & Jesus Christ, as a representation of Aztec and European cultures. I love it, but not sure if someone can feel bad.

Hi! I'm Renato Quiroga, a mexican artist, comic book letterer & colorist. In 2017 I delete Facebook & Twitter apps. I barely visit Fb and keep my Tw timeline to share my blog posts, Goodreads status, RT's and links to news and articles I want to read later. I hope to use Mastodon in a more active and personal way to share some photos, sketches, work in progress and general chit chat.

By the way, the concept of the fediverse is highly attractive!


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