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as above so below

making up WoW armor is dumb fun - also i don't have enough edgy pics of Ravenna so here she is

Satya meeting her wife some time after the fight with a bhoot - she’s aged 20 years due to the life siphoning powers of the bhoot and has even more grey in her hair

thanks DM for my salt’n’pepper gal i love her

some ideas for Mama Windrunner - i'm just kind of operating under the headcanon that she's stern on the outside but kind/endearing on the inside

also some ranger general armor design

more Alleria cause i wanted to pin down more expressions for her other than “Sylvanas is being A Giant Pain again”

you will never understand the lengths i go to light your way

Kal’dorei and Sin’dorei lovers

I haven’t painted in awhile so I tried my hand at it. I’m rusty lmao

Snailing along with my second kingmaker run, I'm taking Amiri a lot more since apparently you can finish both her and Tris's questline now and it's been an adventure

A of my DK Ravenna....also yes I traced those shoulders don’t @ me 😫😫😫 I tried drawing them by myself but when I compared it was garbo

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