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a quick wild sketch in a botanical garden, i am not very happy how it turned out, why is it so muddy and i completely failed at capturing the light. but it was very good exercise in simplification

i made a pencil sketch first for this one, usually i just splatter and regret. forethought actually helps.

i bought my first quality colored pencils ( and discovered that using pencils is actually enjoyable. they are so smooth! the colors are so nice! drawing trees is delightful with these! here is a quick test picture in my tiny sketchbook.

bare chest but i've hidden the nipples (behind a transparent object like a smart person)

third and hopefully the last one, a dead man just hanging around

one does not simply make only one fanart tarot thing - here is zev as strength

after the episode where stanley is called the red fool i searched for his depiction as a tarot fool and found nothing. this deficiency had to be fixed. hopefully other things will start getting better now too, you are welcome :D

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This picture is for "draw this in your style challenge" bz dragoness Slaya on Instagram

i joined some people on a two weeks long swimming trip. during the night we were swimming the length of some river or canal near the sea, and during the day we visited cities on the bank and slept under the trees. the night sky and sunrises were breathtaking, especially combined with the deep dark water. they were nothing special for my companions, who go on such trips often, but for me it was once in a lifetime sight

another dream painting: a god of a land came to its inhabitants living happily in a group of peaceful villages. He offered to fulfill one their wish. The people discussed for months what the wish should be, it turned into quarrels and then wars that were for years destroying the land. Finally a survivor was looking at the desolate landscape and thought that the best thing a man can wish for from a god is a peaceful mind.

i was discussing differences in card games we know with a person from a different country. she told me she will show me the most universal globally accepted deck of cards. it was all eights of clubs.

i dreamed about this boy with special lower eyelids that enabled him to see things about others that he could exploit. at new university he was isolated from his bad influence group of friends and started to change for the better. he was scared by the change, that he is becoming someone who he is not, whom he doesn't know. he grew a third eye on his jaw, with it he saw himself, but he kept it closed, not liking what he saw.

i want to return to using a small sketchbook that i started a year ago, but stopped repulsed by some ugly drawings. so i covered them up with acrylics (some hues that i don't normally use + white) and painted on it some landscapes in gouache. it was really pleasant to paint on the brush textured surface.

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The Shapeshifter, a cute animation that was frustrating to make but I really like! I really wish I had more time for stuff like this.

Also does anyone have advice on how to reach out to writers or good writing communities? I'd really love to do some small collabs of illustrated short stories/poems.

final page in my small travel sketchbook, it took me year and half to fill the few remaining pages

the cold in january really helped me not to worry about details and to stop before i think it is finished or just to make some marks and leave as soon as possible

i didn't like the face so i spent too much time trying to fix it. i got some advice which i am grateful for. after few iterations, this is where i finally give up.

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another quick little picture to relax that i am working a whole weekend on

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