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the cold in january really helped me not to worry about details and to stop before i think it is finished or just to make some marks and leave as soon as possible

i didn't like the face so i spent too much time trying to fix it. i got some advice which i am grateful for. after few iterations, this is where i finally give up.

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another quick little picture to relax that i am working a whole weekend on

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New friend.

Her name’s Namira and her favorite snack is nixads.

Sanguine (Marak’s horse) and Dorveir (his human friend) are jealous but they will survive.

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Wish I had a "behind the scene" video for this pic. 15min of potatoes throwing through the kitchen to have Vaas looking in the right direction.

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if i continue this trend, next year will have four months without any drawing

this is:
1) an excuse to make a mess
2) "i really use the colorful inks"
3) something to fill december window in my art summary with minimal effort
4) all of the above

this is my second contribution for a 2021 dragon calendar of czech community

there are many pictures of dragons burning fields or sitting on a rock, but how many are there of dragons drinking?

you can order the calendar here

this is my contribution for a 2021 dragon calendar of czech community
it depict a partial sun eclipse in june

you can order the calendar here

A day may come when i'll strive to be a serious artist drawing respectable things - but it is not this day!

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Two drawings from my 2019-2020 sketchbook that I didn't upload because I was feeling bad after deleting dA. It's such a shame that only several months later, I cannot as much as draw a good portrait.

Second one is inspired by SuperTuxKart track Nessie's Pond and what I imagined about it as a free software using 10 year old.

usually, when i see a nice scenery in a dream, i take a photo on my phone, so i can look at it when i am awake. maybe i finally understood that it will not work, so last dream i made a sketch in my travel sketchbook instead.
then i also tried to capture the scene when i woke up. i'd like to say that it was a quick sketch, but i spent a lot of time trying to paint the unreal, then i finally settled on this one isolated thing

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