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this is my second contribution for a 2021 dragon calendar of czech community

there are many pictures of dragons burning fields or sitting on a rock, but how many are there of dragons drinking?

you can order the calendar here

this is my contribution for a 2021 dragon calendar of czech community
it depict a partial sun eclipse in june

you can order the calendar here

A day may come when i'll strive to be a serious artist drawing respectable things - but it is not this day!

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Two drawings from my 2019-2020 sketchbook that I didn't upload because I was feeling bad after deleting dA. It's such a shame that only several months later, I cannot as much as draw a good portrait.

Second one is inspired by SuperTuxKart track Nessie's Pond and what I imagined about it as a free software using 10 year old.

usually, when i see a nice scenery in a dream, i take a photo on my phone, so i can look at it when i am awake. maybe i finally understood that it will not work, so last dream i made a sketch in my travel sketchbook instead.
then i also tried to capture the scene when i woke up. i'd like to say that it was a quick sketch, but i spent a lot of time trying to paint the unreal, then i finally settled on this one isolated thing

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i spent several days on the the armor picture in hope to make something that doesn't look stupid. what a waste of time. on the other hand outpost was rushed, since now i am trying to catch up, but i am still pleased with it

it is probably better not to spam every day, especially since i didn't put much time into two of these pictures. the third one hopefully compensates

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cover for my new webcomic, which i will post here when ill finish all the pages
Its about withcraft and lawmaking in Kievan Rus around XI century. 35 pages! 7 done so far! A bit of horror! Lot of blood! I hope anyone not-from-my-cultural-circle will be interested in it. If not, shame on you,because its genuinely a good comic and I love it.

at first i wanted to make teeth shaped mountains - never google teeth mountain. teeth fossil is safe.

what is fancy, what i fancy and a bit of fancy vs imagination

two days late and not very well done, even hurried mist of white gouache didn't save it

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