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i spent several days on the the armor picture in hope to make something that doesn't look stupid. what a waste of time. on the other hand outpost was rushed, since now i am trying to catch up, but i am still pleased with it

it is probably better not to spam every day, especially since i didn't put much time into two of these pictures. the third one hopefully compensates

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cover for my new webcomic, which i will post here when ill finish all the pages
Its about withcraft and lawmaking in Kievan Rus around XI century. 35 pages! 7 done so far! A bit of horror! Lot of blood! I hope anyone not-from-my-cultural-circle will be interested in it. If not, shame on you,because its genuinely a good comic and I love it.

at first i wanted to make teeth shaped mountains - never google teeth mountain. teeth fossil is safe.

what is fancy, what i fancy and a bit of fancy vs imagination

two days late and not very well done, even hurried mist of white gouache didn't save it

this was quite fast, about two hours, there still many things i would normally work on but i am working on getting faster instead

last year i started with A5 size and after 3 days went even smaller. this year i started on A4, which is really huge for me.

the most ambitions traditional thing i made in last six years - fruits of a python-plant

three days and a hurting back - another addition to my series of musicians

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