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illness and fear
doing these cards i experienced how important it is to have quality paints suitable for what you want to do. i don't have any such red so i spent unnecessary long time being frustrated and i had to fix things digitally anyway.

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The bird who sowed the wind 🐦
The three little birds:
- oh no
- wtf is this
- fly you fools!!
The fourth little bird:
- aaaaaaaaaaaaa

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Some less trashy art for a change...

Watercolour piece. There will be a video. The paints were not the best, but the paper is.

Don't know why, but sharing on mastodon feels so freeing.

Greetings to all fellow humans.

this is fate, now i wish i made all the cards in this style

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Happy self isolating birthday... to me!

I used my main webcomic character Morti for this :D

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one card is about narrowly avoiding a catastrophe by luck, the other about taking care of yourself and simple life

one card is about impactful presence, the other about heredity, things passed to you from your family or society

the cards continue! the morning one is about arrival of change, beginning of a new routine and the evening one is about family and rest after fulfilling work

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🌿 Valor 🌿

Finally found my way into making a more detailed painting again! It's been so long.
A lady knight, inspired by Serbian cultural clothing and mythology. Her adventure is about to start.

I hope you like her!

Wacom Intuos 4 M + Photoshop

next two cards, the flowers are about continuous prosperity and the snowy landscape with salt crystals is about hope and first step out of bad situation

first two of series of cards that i am making. i hope to learn how to use gouache and get better at traditional art in general. the black one is about perspective and questioning your surrounding and yourself. the other one is about curiosity and getting more than you asked for.

i would not normally stop here, but since it should have been just a quick sketch of a face, i call it finished now

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