i didn't like the face so i spent too much time trying to fix it. i got some advice which i am grateful for. after few iterations, this is where i finally give up.

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another quick little picture to relax that i am working a whole weekend on

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New friend.

Her name’s Namira and her favorite snack is nixads.

Sanguine (Marak’s horse) and Dorveir (his human friend) are jealous but they will survive.

@Famine :DD exquisitely put. if you can't respect my skill, at least respect my suffering

@Famine i find it difficult to limit the time. i need to plan things well, since then i am stuck with the composition for rest of the painting. i need to make good sketch since it would be difficult to repair later. i guess i can't let go either.
another thing that helped me was record how i paint. i could watch later with increased speed and it was obvious where i spent a lot of time for not much gain.

@Famine the textures exactly, such suggestions look much better than when the whole thing is detailed. i also love how some urban sketchers can suggest crowds or sets of objects by almost abstract scribbles. it is much interesting to look at than when they would paint a bunch of people. but every time i try, i just feel like i am taking a shortcut and everyone will see only some lazy scribbles

@Famine two years ago i made a painting to print on A3, almost the whole time i was zoomed in 600% detailing every straw of grass, shading tiny leaves. took me 70 hours and is not even that good, just very detailed. there i realized i don't want to continue like this. i guess good thing about such extreme is that you can plainly see what you are doing wrong :D

@firstprogenitor i like the hair on second one much better, but the coloring on the first one a little better

@ElisaUllien if you feel unable to concentrate and put down sustained effort, what i do is take watercolor and do a few minutes sketch of whatever i see. if the result is poor, at least i learned some observing and watercolor
it might also help to go through your old paintings, you might find something you want to remake or expand on. also try using what you have and never use. if making small things feels like a waste of time, make a set of small things, like several miniatures with one theme

@Famine i struggle with this too, i would spend tens of hours on a painting detailing every area into infinity. it helped to realize that i am trying to compensate for my lack of skill by effort, time and suffering :D now i limit myself to not zoom in more than 200% on the central thing (except for some special details, like eyes) and not more than 100% or 60% the more i go into background. i also remind myself that the composition/contrast of detailed and not detailed makes beauty

@Famine this is amazing (not just because there is a dog in the picture!),
imagine you painted this scene and had your dog pose next to the result

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Wish I had a "behind the scene" video for this pic. 15min of potatoes throwing through the kitchen to have Vaas looking in the right direction.

@Famine :D i found the series hard to endure, but the movie is gold

@Lana @JLGribble i love granulation but it must be used sparingly, when everything is granulating, that's too much. unfortunately i see the right amount and place only months after

@JLGribble @Lana perylene maroon is on my wishlist for some time and green gold also catches my eye, but i always find excuses why i shouldn't buy them :D and wow dioxyzine purple, one more for my wishlist i guess (but i never use my purples! :D what do you use it for?)

@dudymas so do i, but so do i every year and the wish alone does not create finished pictures, unfortunately :D

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