the most ambitions traditional thing i made in last six years - fruits of a python-plant

three days and a hurting back - another addition to my series of musicians

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Something I've been working on
A cover for a future comic

@he_xie amazing colors, it makes impressive cover

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oh and I drew this for an event on a discord server
theme was The Moon

illness and fear
doing these cards i experienced how important it is to have quality paints suitable for what you want to do. i don't have any such red so i spent unnecessary long time being frustrated and i had to fix things digitally anyway.

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The bird who sowed the wind 🐦
The three little birds:
- oh no
- wtf is this
- fly you fools!!
The fourth little bird:
- aaaaaaaaaaaaa

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Some less trashy art for a change...

Watercolour piece. There will be a video. The paints were not the best, but the paper is.

Don't know why, but sharing on mastodon feels so freeing.

Greetings to all fellow humans.

@aeltarnen ta modra tam je pusobiva, zvlast na tmavem monitoru kdy si clovek vsimne az po chvili ze tam neco celou dobu bylo

this is fate, now i wish i made all the cards in this style

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Happy self isolating birthday... to me!

I used my main webcomic character Morti for this :D

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