i bought some more alcohol markers and am learning how to work with them
here i added more textures and shading with colored pencils and lost the simplicity i was initially going for

i completely forgot my favorite thing about the end of the year!

i had a liberating realization while drawing this: no one will be angry at me for deceiving and lying to them if the tree branches are not positioned exactly like in reality. and more, the lines i draw do not need to look like any realistic branches, but they can just suggest character and shapes of the tree!

i never liked using markers until i started to appreciate how they push me to simplify, especially since i have only a few colors.
it is also fun to combine them with pencils (to add some shading and details) and gouache (which i first used to fix mistake when i accidentally filled in a cloud with sky color and then to add more colors and textures).
the marker color may seep through the gouache in time, so i wouldn't use it in any serious picture.

a little fun relaxing thing. i wanted to finally try the aquarius pans i bought in summer. they are delightful, but i was constantly falling into my gouache workflow, which of course didn't work and finally i got frustrated and finished with colored pencils.
how can people have two or more main media between which they switch easily? once i get even a little used to one thing, i can't do anything else.

last year i endeavored to use the prompts to make illustrations that suggest interesting stories. this year i just draw more or less dragons

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