it is probably better not to spam every day, especially since i didn't put much time into two of these pictures. the third one hopefully compensates

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@fey the second one floats my boat. Is the scene moonlit?

@matthijs honestly i don't know, i wanted to make unrealistic night sky over golden dunes, it should have looked more symbolic

@fey looks plenty symbolic to me, by suggestion.
I really like it. Can I buy a print from you?

@matthijs i am incredibly happy that you like it so much, but i am just a hobbyist and have no such things set up. but if you are serious, i will figure it out.

@fey I am a hobbyist too, but striving to be a pro. I found that making all the hard commercial decisions helped me to look at my work differently.
For instance I decided to not sell some sculptures and sell prints if photographs instead. Have to set that up, too ;-)

Think about it and let me know directly.

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