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Popular webcomic "The Oatmeal" no longer asks people to follow them on #Facebook, #Twitter, #instagram etc. Here's their explanation as to why (contains minor swearing):

(from theoatmeal.com/comics/reaching )

PS Currently if you want to follow them, visit here:

another interesting character for artfight, i find it surprisingly difficult to follow the given designs, always forgetting a detail here and there


artfight attack artfight.net/character/1702956

it took me longer than i would like, but the sky turned out surprisingly well, maybe my color landscape explorations are good for something

i struggled with this for two days and now i am cured of ideas about making pixelart

artfight attack on @Dragea

after one whole year i spent some time traveling by trains again and saw some inspiring views

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small simple relaxing gouache landscapes to see what mood the colors will make

i have east facing windows but i am very rarely awake to see the awesome views

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I'm not completely sure why I tend to create themed series... But here's another monkey.

i couldn't resist and bought three of the shinhan pwc opaque tint watercolors

a quick wild sketch in a botanical garden, i am not very happy how it turned out, why is it so muddy and i completely failed at capturing the light. but it was very good exercise in simplification

i made a pencil sketch first for this one, usually i just splatter and regret. forethought actually helps.

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