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last year i endeavored to use the prompts to make illustrations that suggest interesting stories. this year i just draw more or less dragons

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Sixth leaf...

If you have any questions on how to paint them or tips or supplies, fell free to ask! I welcome every nerdy art talk - always.

Here you can even see my little temporary art setup.

since last year i used inktober to challenge myself in several ways, this year i want to make it more relaxing. hopefully i will learn how to enjoy drawing more

here are the first three days

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I made a thing.

Too tired to make a proper troot.

Go get it on gitlab and make something neat with it, it is creative commons. Fell free to ping me, when you've done something with it.

CC-BY-SA 4.0 #mastoart

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Between drawing, in an effort to reduce my waste, I made a homemade book out of cardboard and a cut up flour bag.

something slightly larger than A5? no, such a huge format i almost didn't finish it and it exhausted me that i didn't paint for a week

i like how this turned out, but the green in shadows still doesn't seem quite right

painting clouds is a challenging practice, the longer i observe, the more different shapes, structures and colors i see

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