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"Lombok Island" - final version of this drawing. I'm calling it.

Lombok Island, the Indonesian island that experienced more than a dozen earthquakes over the past couple of weeks, measured on average at around 6.2 on the Richter scale. The quakes seem to have stopped at this time.

Reference angle courtesy of Google Earth. Drawn on Krita for Windows 10 with the help of a Wacom Bamboo pen-tablet.


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an abstract piece I doodled in Sketchbook for Windows 10 a while ago (is my current header image)

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Hi everyone I'm not new to Mastodon, in fact @Curator has been boosting my drawings from @FerdiZ quite a few times over the past year (thanks by the way πŸ™).

I'm establishing a Masto Art account here where I can (hopefully better) focus on my drawing & photography (hehe 😁 ✌️). I continue to use my Masto Cloud account as my primary and for more general stuffs.

Happy Art-ing, everyone! 🎨

Masto Cloud seems to be down again so I'm posting my latest phone-fingerpainting here...

I'm kinda bummed that Mastodon.Cloud is down. I do hope it's not permanent.

Mastodon Cloud is down. It was one of the original general-purpose mastodon instances. Other than Cloud I also remember Social Tchncs De. Any other general purpose servers any if you can think of?

Virtue-signalling can be used as a form of self-help therapy yes. Just be aware that in a public forum there's a higher probability of your self-affirmation getting negative pushback from complete strangers.

Also, dear complete strangers: please try to be less of a dick. You know you can do it. πŸ’ͺ

(Repost from several months ago)

I've been posting less & less to masto art. The few times I do, I mirror to my main Masto account, too.

Maybe this account will "hybernate", to a fashion, for a while...

No I've not drawn anything new and that helmet don't count.

a bicycle helmet. Ballpoint pen on reused paper. (Some digital corrections to fix cellphone camera lens distortion & discoloration done in Photoshop.)

Some snapshots I took last week. Our family were eating out at a Korean fusion restaurant that just opened at our local mall. We got some fifty percent discount or something via an app, my older brother was paying.

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