@imposter aha! So many new words to learn on here, hello!

@fend @imposter Check the pinned toots at the top of my profile, there's some helpful things - as for fediverse - mastodon.art/@Curator/10820408 :D

@Curator oh wow, this app is so interesting! I had no idea it was so versatile. So cool! That’s def what a lot of the failed art site I’ve tried before missed, reasons for lots of different people to join. Thank you so much for the info!

@fend Very welcome :D I know it's different from other sites and it does take a while to wrap your head around how it all fits together, but do yell if you want any specific help or clarity on anything ^.^

@fend oooOOOOhh look at u gettin boosted by eugen 👀

@fend As someone who owned cockatiels since I was 6, this resonates SO damn hard. 😆

@fend I had the pleasure of living together with two parrots (caiques) and can definitely relate to this one 💖

@thgie oh gosh, aha, birds are simply too good for us 😤💛

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