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I both love and hate new paint day - I love it because I love expanding my colour range while reducing the risk of mixing muddy colours but also I hate it because I get so impatient and want to use them and then it leads to abandoned paintings like the attached

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Decided to take a look at the stats for my webcomic ( and while I expected the US and UK to be my top two countries, the surprising 3rd place, depending on length of time is either Sweden or Japan! Eeee!

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I ended up disabling fb on my phone today because I'm sick of seeing double digit notifications on my phone and then seeing that it's just trash updates

Spending my downtime trying to recreate neon light and uv light effects in watercolour.

You: "Maybe it's not the right medium?"
Me: "Balls to that, I'm going to keep trying until I nail it" ("I just need to buy more quinacridone pigments first...")

Birdsite app keeps failing to load posts in the evening. The push to main on Masto is getting stronger (also I got my blog url verified woop)

I finished a really fun watercolour commission for a friend today! Fans of Philip Pullman might recognise the scene!

> Making some mood board style reference pic spreads for a commission
> Halfway through glueing pics in scrapbook
> Realise that I recently bought lots of A4 sticker paper for the laser printer that could have been used instead of normal paper + brush + pva (intended for making functional organiser stickers)
> Suddenly feel very very dense

It's amazing how much not being ill affects not just how well I draw and ink my comic but also the choice in page layouts.

What I'm trying to say is that being even mildly ill sucks and I never ever want to get ill ever again :lies_down:

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Some spoopy pumpkins I've carved for Halloween! Happy Halloween everyone!

I'm organised now - I have a filofax. I'm 100% serious but literally sarking myself as I toot this out. Slow shuffles towards some professionalism - I'm off out for a business dinner with a friend who wants a commission. At what point can I call myself a professional?

Oh whoops, I keep swinging back and forth between here and the birdsite. I really would like to see all the art birders move into the fediverse and hopefully this whole 'like' debacle can be the catalyst...

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Soo, if you didn’t know what #brexit will mean for the UK after the 29th of March here’s an excellent summary and why Brexit is completely ridiculous:

New banner for my social media stuff! She is one of my OCs from a story that has been outlined but may not be legal because right now it's based on a somewhat well known IP

Just a couple of my favourite panels from tomorrow's update. I feel like I've challenged myself this week and that is an awesome feeling

I know I probably don't need to go back that far but it's gonna be odd that the first steps in the tutorial will be 'Make sure that you have 100% cotton paper, artist grade paints and sable brushes to hand'

Someone asked me to make a tutorial about how I do my watercolours and now I'm spending my vodka-infused Friday night thinking about how I actually paint. It's all automatic now, pretty much.

Do I start with 'study Jean Haines and Hazel Soan and other British atmospheric artists' or 'Spend 7 months messing around with watercolours'?

That realisation that your favourite artists aren't even cartoonists...

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