When you're worldbuilding an AR universe, working in lots of history and biblical references and you just KNOW that someone is going to be offended by your AR explanation for Immaculate Conception but you're going to go ahead with it anyway

@rinvenieris I love the designs of these characters! So cool!

What do you guys do when the state of the world becomes overwhelming and even doodling is not enough to offset the sheer weltzschmerz?

@Curator I used to subscribe to a magazine that ended up being a bit useless and a waste of money so you can have that subscription fee instead - I've sent it as a year's payment via Liberapay!

Hey who wants to read my (non-sober) take on the Liam Neeson thing that I nearly typed as a facebook comment thus inviting a Facebook Friend's crappier friends to argue with, but then figured 'what's even the point' Show more

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@quinnstephens my Guyanese dad used to tell me stories about brother bear and brother spider (and others). They weren't antagonistic towards children, barely interacted with them at all iirc, but they might be worth checking out because I remember them being pretty silly as a child

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Emotionally vulnerable on main, gross

This is my One (1) Obligatory Personal Art Piece, because it's a conversation I have with myself, like... weekly, lmao

@dabnotu No problemos! I love these kinds of photography! Thanks for sharing it here on Masto!

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I wish my favourite watercolour papers didn't cost so much! Its so nice to just let myself sketch on them but I feel like I'm wasting money on such good paper by using them mostly for sketches! X(

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Me: “Why am I writing a blog and sharing art? Nobody cares.”
Also me: “Well obviously I care, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing this.”

Checkmate, me.

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