I tried to do a noir thing this morning for practice

New pages went live today at Britlandcity.com! So close to the end of this issue, looking forward to having a couple of weeks off! 😊

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I finally got all my pages off and now onto my own site!

You can read it all here if you like:

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PSA for newcomers:

On mastodon, unlike almost every other social media platform, we generally don't pay attention to following to follower ratios. Big leagueing is kinda frowned upon here, so don't be afraid to follow back or just follow anyone you find interesting. Go hog wild!

I'm off work today so I can draw and paint allllllllll day

I have a very bad habit of doodling on post it notes at work

Welcome tumblr exiles. So happy to see you here!

This just in; I'm a sucker for unusual shaped watercolour blocks. Also it's gummed around all except for a bit where you can slide a palette knife like a typical rectangular block!

@jdb I know of the positive impacts on generally mental health but I wasn't expecting the return of inspiration from the most random of places and what feels like a waterfall of new ideas!

I've started running 5ks in the morning. It's doing wonders for my brain :)

@bridge Ahhh, it feels like a tough ride. It's weird having ties to a country that you'll never be able to visit. I feel like it's a piece of heritage that I'll never get to experience... Do you feel the same way?

@bridge Haha! My Guyanese family are currently in London and I grew up in the North East of England so I was definitely the only half Guyanese girl for miles around! The only other mixed race girl was half-Carribbean, but yeah if I met another Guyanese I would probably think we are family! I can't believe how small a place it is!

@bridge I'd like to believe it, but I think I believe my dad at the very least. I once met a guy who had visited Georgetown and he said he was mugged but in the most polite way in that the mugger only wanted the money and gave the guy his wallet and cards back!! I definitely can't speak like the Guyanese do so would out myself as a non-native really quickly. I know a lot of Guyanese foods and stories but that's mostly it!

@bridge Haha, me too! I've ran into a lot of other West Indians, a lot of other Caribbeans and loads of Africans but you are certainly the first Guyanese person I have stumbled across!

@bridge Same! I asked my dad to take me one time and he said that I couldn't because its too dangerous. Also I think he had a falling out with our family who are still over there!

@bridge what's it really like over there? I'm a fellow half-guyanese but I've never been taken there by my guyanese side of the family

@neil fortunately my nickname on a certain discord server where its posted is completely different to my main penname and even then I've amended it slightly JUST IN CASE. I trust those guys there though...

Fefe is family-friendly. The Teagirl comics probably push the line a little but its not much worse than boob windows on large chested female superheroes.

TFW most of your weekend art is NSFW so you can't post it on main and have to start again with a whole new psudonym and hope that no one leaks it ;____;

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