I think I've finally recovered from the comic making burnout. I can't wait to get the prologue and chapter 1 finished and up on LINE & Panel Show

I'm still a bit jet lagged so I'm spending this afternoon getting the Panel Show Comics site sorted for multiple comics hosting =.=

So I popped back on my old tumblr account and...

This makes me stupidly happy (I've brushed over this with water - it's noodlers bulletproof black which isn't supposed to work on cotton watercolour paper but it mostly works on W&N for some reason)

Sometimes I take photos for the colours rather than the subject

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@dona oh no way :( I'm sorry to hear that. Is it a payments/Stripe issue? It looks like they're bringing in PayPal integration soon!

@adamk678 @dona @JenJen I've taken a couple of commissions through it. It's honestly really nice as a commissioning platform and I keep meaning to plug it when people ask me about commissions (those rare blue moon events πŸ˜…)

Hey @dona, I think I've found another/been reminded of an alternative to Patreon, called Commiss.io. It was a platform acting as a middle-man for commissions, but it looks like they've now added in support for monthly contributors ala Patreon. They take a fee at the payment stage, just like Patreon! Dunno if you'd wanna check it out but I thought of you. You too @JenJen , as I know you were looking for a NSFW alternative to Patreon...

Feff on the Fediverse

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