When you're worldbuilding an AR universe, working in lots of history and biblical references and you just KNOW that someone is going to be offended by your AR explanation for Immaculate Conception but you're going to go ahead with it anyway

My postcard prints are hoooooome and ready for selling!

Here's one more amusingly lit watercolour before I go to bed. What a good weekend it's been for creativity for me

I have the blinds drawn because I'm painting in my dressing gown and the way the light filtered on the watercolour sketches seemed to add a bit more dreaminess so I couldn't resist taking photos

WIP: decided to just paint one of the witch girls to make sure I've still got my skills. Brush control has remained but I feel like I'm being too cautious with blending layers. Ah well.

Urrrgh becoming obsessed with this modern supernatural gothic horror witch fantasy comic thing I've been rewriting the lore for

Hello I did these things recently - all commissions of OCs (comms are open until Feb)

I got to paint a little bit today. My well of watercolour pic ideas is a little empty at the moment but this one, which was all down to gut feeling, was super fun to do! It's nice to make mistakes and run with it!

I had a surprise commission come in over the holidays with a good set of reference pics for Misaki and a very pleased client! 10/10 hope for more commissions like this!

My favourite/best pages from 2018. These are the ones that challenged me through the last 12 months

A comm I finished last night for someone on one of the discord servers I hang out on

When Hobbycraft has its post Crimbo sales... I haven't really had any of my presents yet cause I caught Norovirus on Xmas Eve and haven't seen anyone since and I think I just missed out on the feeling of getting Xmas art supplies... So I might have gone a little overboard...

I tried to do a noir thing this morning for practice

I have a very bad habit of doodling on post it notes at work

This just in; I'm a sucker for unusual shaped watercolour blocks. Also it's gummed around all except for a bit where you can slide a palette knife like a typical rectangular block!

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