I tried to do a noir thing this morning for practice

I have a very bad habit of doodling on post it notes at work

This just in; I'm a sucker for unusual shaped watercolour blocks. Also it's gummed around all except for a bit where you can slide a palette knife like a typical rectangular block!

MOONWIZARD - I did this on-stream this but it was pretty much last minute decision to do so

Wasn't exactly fond of Rebelle the first time I tried it but a little bit of messing around with it has proven that I should be able to recreate my traditional work flow with some patience

I was suddenly overcome with the urge to paint a lady conjuring up a whirlwind of fire but it changed a bit as it left my brain and exited through my fingers. I am leaving this for tonight and will probably finish it off tomorrow or Sunday. I am a little rusty with trying to work with an atmospheric style but I'll get back there soon

I both love and hate new paint day - I love it because I love expanding my colour range while reducing the risk of mixing muddy colours but also I hate it because I get so impatient and want to use them and then it leads to abandoned paintings like the attached

I finished a really fun watercolour commission for a friend today! Fans of Philip Pullman might recognise the scene!

Scantily clad ladies (watercolours) Show more

Some spoopy pumpkins I've carved for Halloween! Happy Halloween everyone!

New banner for my social media stuff! She is one of my OCs from a story that has been outlined but may not be legal because right now it's based on a somewhat well known IP

Just a couple of my favourite panels from tomorrow's update. I feel like I've challenged myself this week and that is an awesome feeling

Repost because I I forgot to tag the last post and wanted to take off the CW.

It's been over a week since I last picked up a paintbrush. Wanted the paint but didn't feel like planning a large piece so painted Yoko from Gurren Lagaan!

Something a little different for Inktober today. Watercolour and Pentel Brush Pen

I've been accidentally doing Inktober in my A6 notebook at work

I was pretty stressed by lunch so I broke out the paints and did some quick watercolours

Back to life = workplace doodles! Meet the first draft design of The Raven Queen! I'm trying to get in the spooky mood for October

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