So I popped back on my old tumblr account and...

This makes me stupidly happy (I've brushed over this with water - it's noodlers bulletproof black which isn't supposed to work on cotton watercolour paper but it mostly works on W&N for some reason)

Sometimes I take photos for the colours rather than the subject

Me, today: Why didn't I set this story in a dark void or something?

ME: Let's set this story in Durham even though there's no bg material in CLIP because obviously there isn't it's not even in Japan. Let's make some from old photos for the comic, it shouldn't be too bad...
Me, but 8 hours later: I'M NOT EVEN FINISHED WITH ONE SCENE WTF (I did get the lineart finished though)

Playing around with the pen and tone layer settings in CLIP to figure out how I want to render characters and shizzle for DIE VIER HEXEN. Nearly there

Have been neglecting the colours of supporting characters for the next project so spent some time doodling with watercolours

Been working on this for most of the day - wanted to get a piece done for the next project that I could turn into banners, pages, ads, etc

Yessssssssssssss. My wonderful purple squirrel of watercolour blocks actually exists and is here and gosh I can't wait to paint on them tomorrow 💖

Arteza paper! Suprisingly good for wood-pulp paper at the price! Got three of those 5x8 ring bound books for like £18!

Too lazy to scan an unfinished piece. Trying out the Fontaine paper (small/travel size 100% cotton pads!) Not as fun as Arches but it's still really good paper and the fact that they have 6x4 glued pads available is going to change my life. ANYWAY it's tag time

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