Decided to draw over a photo of my coffee this morning because I loved the texture of the crema and wanted to do something with it

One day I hope to figure out how to paint crema style textures - I did try before this but it didn't come out very textured :(

@amimercury thank you! I have older photos of my coffees when I like how it comes out but I made myself do something with it and honestly it felt really good!

She's called Neschume and she's from my comic, The Final Lullaby, which is on a mini hiatus until after my honeymoon!

@fefe Ohhhh so creative, it's like those artworks made with coffee cream but you made this digitally haha. I love this, it makes it look like she's standing in the sun or something.

@BirbsandDragons ahah yeah, I can't do real latte art! It is a very sunny look, probably perfect feel for that first coffee of the day in spring feeling!

@fefe Yes, I guess it's very different from digital art haha! But you nailed it in your own way, good job. I agree it's perfect for that spring feeling

@fefe oooooh :artaww: i first thought this is the work of a new kind of latte printer that can print color XD like did you know you can print pictures on coffee? still clows my mind XD

@tantedante I did not realise that latte printers were a thing! I'll have to check them out during my downtime today because it sounds fascinating!

@gnilleps I'll try to do more of these (always gonna have coffees with good crema from time to time!) because it was really fun to play with!

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