@Sylvhem @fefe @Sylvhem @fefe apparently apple doesn't like their apps to have nsfw content in it, so tumblr is seeking and destroying its nsfw blogs

I had so many followers there T_T (well, still have, but idk for how long)

@obseyy @Sylvhem

Damn that's rough, one of the communities I'm in are currently discussing where everyone ought to go to post nsfw art now that The Purge has happened...I hope your followers are able to find you on other sites!

@fefe @obseyy @Sylvhem
Apparently it was a false alarm and the 'purge' and its knock-on effect of chasing thousands of people permanently off the site were the result of simple incompetence.
Nevertheless, the lesson here is clear: do not depend on any corporate social media site to publish your content and have it stay published. Self-host if you can at all afford to.

@reinderdijkhuis @obseyy @Sylvhem already ahead of you on that regard - I've always ran my own art blog / portfolio / webcomic sites for years - sadly tumblr/twitter/ig are the main places to find an audience :(

@fefe @obseyy @Sylvhem Yep, considering that my own self-hosted site has been broken for two years, that counts as being ahead of me:) I need to get on that.
I'm also compiling a master list of social media and websites I use, to allow people to switch easily if the worst happens.

@Sylvhem @neil AFAIK the tumblr app got removed from the Apple Store today so they're purging all the NSFW accounts they can find

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