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Since I'm back, I figured I'd do a bit of shameless self-promo for the comic that I've been working on since Autumn. It's a slow burner but I'm getting through it as fast as I can.

It's an urban supernatural action/drama(?) set in the historic city of Durham, England. Its very British at times. The first page stars creepy newborn angels. You can read it for free here:

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18+ Smut Account 

(pssst, if you're 18 and over, @shidokidoki is covering the nsfw aspects of my supernatural universe as well as just doing smut in general - usually more intimate and coupley and less ott than typical hentai I've been told)

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@RaeYcrep asked for a tutorial on fixing washed out scans/photos of watercolours. I have (very quickly) made one available in pdf format ->!AkQDRjxzRwHhkfleD5

I'm happy to take feedback to make this better! I think I may have glossed over the tone curves a bit but I'm still learning about those too (usually changing brightness, contrast, and saturation are enough to fix most washed out pieces...)

2009 vs 2020 (with lots of full time non-creative stuff in between and all self-driven improvement). Additional improvement: I took this down to fix an issue. Back in 2009 I'd have totally been like 'I'll fix it later' (and never did)

Oops, noticed that I'd messed up the ear =.=; will repost as soon as its fixed

I just realised that I can daydream again! Recovery!


The issue with the algorithm:
> follows someone with 2k followers
> twitter suggests other accounts with 50k and above followers

Twitter plz.

Thanks to the peeps who have stuck with me through my experiments and style and subject changes. That's not gonna stop, that's who I am as an artist. Now to remind myself that I have work to do - still lots to learn.

Cool down sketch from last night: what if elf but streetwear?

Nightblood is the Clippy of Sentient Bloodthirsty Swords and no one will convince me otherwise.

Thank you for boosts and retweets. You're all lovely. Thank you!

Sat in the garden, every so often a sparrow works up the nerve to land near me and then back to the feeders once I notice them. One of the feeders is empty. They're trying to tell me to fill it up, haha.

If you do - somehow - want merch that I do have sitting around (like..say..comic books?) - I did manage to set up an online store via Square - I made a PoD store for my stuff since I'm not clearing out stock in conventions or on my own online store. Getting the collage stuff up first - then the derpmaid sticker designs - and then the other watercolour postcard designs.

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Another shirt design for when you need to remind the folks at the grocery stores of the stakes of social distancing right now without you needing to say anything at all. 😶

Available on society6:

The digital mixed media Collage play continues. I kinda...I wonder...if people would be interested in them if I got them printed as postcards?

When you wanna add collage but don't have any patterned paper or card to hand (just go digital *o*) - I wanna keep at this, it's fun!

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I drew on the inner cover of the big sketchbooks and they really are honking huge.... or I got accustomed to drawing smol lol

AM offering face masks as merch is like ✌️🤩 I wanna make a design for reusable ones!

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