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Since I'm back, I figured I'd do a bit of shameless self-promo for the comic that I've been working on since Autumn. It's a slow burner but I'm getting through it as fast as I can.

It's an urban supernatural action/drama(?) set in the historic city of Durham, England. Its very British at times. The first page stars creepy newborn angels. You can read it for free here:

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18+ Smut Account 

(pssst, if you're 18 and over, @shidokidoki is covering the nsfw aspects of my supernatural universe as well as just doing smut in general - usually more intimate and coupley and less ott than typical hentai I've been told)

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@RaeYcrep asked for a tutorial on fixing washed out scans/photos of watercolours. I have (very quickly) made one available in pdf format ->!AkQDRjxzRwHhkfleD5

I'm happy to take feedback to make this better! I think I may have glossed over the tone curves a bit but I'm still learning about those too (usually changing brightness, contrast, and saturation are enough to fix most washed out pieces...)

Note to self: do not ask to have your dose dropped, even if you think your stressors are gone, new ones will turn up. Do. Not. Drop. Your. Dose.

Update to the update: actually, it was both. My meds aren't helping with this level of uncertainty in my life (and it's not a terrible amount either) so back to the docs to ask them to up my dose. Luckily they've have e-consulting now so I just essentially sent an email asking for a new prescription

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Update: it's just burn out, guess I'm on a proper break now :)

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Trying to work out if I'm burnt out, depressed, or both

Vaccine Side Effects 

My sore arm that stopped me from sleeping properly is gone, just in time for light-headedness and fatigue to set it! Would rather be like this than unvaccinated though!

Oopah I'm trying to do more traditional ink work to strengthen my digital inks - it makes sense, I swear!

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I'm not doing much lately because my hands hurt, but I tried something the other day ✨
These shiny prints will be up for sale tomorrow!

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Dates & Wires, the slavpunk dating sim full of regrets, lost causes and promises of romance is out on!

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Me: Biologically I'm female and I am OK with this. Mentally I don't feel like I have a gender (frankly I don't give a damn)

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So, your a content creator who makes not family safe and/or queer content and you're worried about puritanical USian corporate social media completely destroying your ability to publish your work.

You decide you need a website. But don't know where to start.

Well, :thread:

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"So you think you want to be a comic book artist? You've been reading comics for years and you want to draw your own stories? Congratulations! You've chosen one of the most difficult art forms available." - Klaus Janson

COMICS. I love it though. Have always wanted to tell my own stories since childhood~

Comic pages are taking like 7 actually work hours (not including breaks) - I'm pretty beat but once these pages are done this week I wanna catch up!!

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