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Since I'm back, I figured I'd do a bit of shameless self-promo for the comic that I've been working on since Autumn. It's a slow burner but I'm getting through it as fast as I can.

It's an urban supernatural action/drama(?) set in the historic city of Durham, England. Its very British at times. The first page stars creepy newborn angels. You can read it for free here:

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18+ Smut Account 

(pssst, if you're 18 and over, @shidokidoki is covering the nsfw aspects of my supernatural universe as well as just doing smut in general - usually more intimate and coupley and less ott than typical hentai I've been told)

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@RaeYcrep asked for a tutorial on fixing washed out scans/photos of watercolours. I have (very quickly) made one available in pdf format ->!AkQDRjxzRwHhkfleD5

I'm happy to take feedback to make this better! I think I may have glossed over the tone curves a bit but I'm still learning about those too (usually changing brightness, contrast, and saturation are enough to fix most washed out pieces...)

Just dropping by to let you know that I'm not dead (yet)

I should have been heading to Kendal tomorrow with my friends for a fun long weekend of comic geekery, and shenanigans

That feel when you find something you were playing with for practice. I think I still have the raw of this file so I might revisit and push the values under the skirt

I also wanna do some more portrait commissions/fanart to get some better examples for my portfolio. I guess that can be my focus for evenings after work =.=

I've been reading, watching vids, and making comics. I feel this intense pressure to somehow super skill up over the next 3 months so I can do complex compositions and land big commissions as soon as I hit January. Also while trying to keep to my own unique 'style'.

IT'S STREAM TIME! Come watch me draw and/or paint stuff! (Started @ October 6, 2020 at 03:59PM) -

Streaming in 20 mins! Making comics today! Follow me here and get notifications when I go live! Hope to see you there!

I have a serial code for CLIP STUDIO PAINT Debut that I'm happy to give to someone who wants to get started with CSP. DM me.

Being naughty (since I was already disturbed from work by the delivery guy) to show you these little goodies from Japan that just arrived!

Good lord I hope 'Illustration from Imagination' is the course I need to fix my habit of not finishing things that aren't comic pages...

Cell shading but with gradient shadows?

Just a round up of all the emotes I've made for one stuffed Sebby Catter...

Happiest Birthday to the wonderful cominatrix! You are one of my indie comic heroes, a great inspiration, and I'm so glad to be working with you make the AoCC! I can't wait for all the madness to be over but until then; DRINKS!

⚠ Lady bird NIPPLES⚠ My Wierd Mythical Managerie grows with this 'Harpy'. G-Pen, Deleter 3, and Watercolour Ink

I had to go check with someone that Steve made it in Smash and it wasn't some meme that I'd missed the memo for..

On work days I barely have enough energy to just maintain skills. So there's usually just 1 attempt to remember and combo head and figure drawing anatomy atm (and practice inking). Multiple birds, one stone. I keep forgetting my hair lessons though whoops.

IT'S STREAM TIME! Come watch me draw and/or paint stuff! (Started @ September 29, 2020 at 12:58PM) -

@sajan Your book arrived, and I had a minor panic because I forgot you lived in Sweden and the geese doodles were awesome but my brain did not put two and two together until I pulled out the print! It all looks sooooo gooood!

I made a Pinterest board called feathercore and now I wanna be the kind of classical science witch who goes around in a feather cape, or a jumper with feathered sleeves. I just want to wear stupid amounts of feathers casually ;w;

Alright, who's in Comixology Originals with me? :D

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