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Hello! Thank you for welcoming me into the community!

I'm a brit who has self-created a about a city filled with superpowered people that's filled with British humour and talking chimpanzees!

I've also seriously picked up watercolours in the last couple of months after playing with them on and off since my teens.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys get up to!

New pages went live today at! So close to the end of this issue, looking forward to having a couple of weeks off! 😊

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I finally got all my pages off and now onto my own site!

You can read it all here if you like:

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PSA for newcomers:

On mastodon, unlike almost every other social media platform, we generally don't pay attention to following to follower ratios. Big leagueing is kinda frowned upon here, so don't be afraid to follow back or just follow anyone you find interesting. Go hog wild!

I'm off work today so I can draw and paint allllllllll day

I have a very bad habit of doodling on post it notes at work

Welcome tumblr exiles. So happy to see you here!

This just in; I'm a sucker for unusual shaped watercolour blocks. Also it's gummed around all except for a bit where you can slide a palette knife like a typical rectangular block!

I've started running 5ks in the morning. It's doing wonders for my brain :)

Fefe is family-friendly. The Teagirl comics probably push the line a little but its not much worse than boob windows on large chested female superheroes.

TFW most of your weekend art is NSFW so you can't post it on main and have to start again with a whole new psudonym and hope that no one leaks it ;____;

MOONWIZARD - I did this on-stream this but it was pretty much last minute decision to do so

This week's 2nd page was super fun to do and if you totally want to see it (and maybe read the rest of my comic?) then click this link ->

If my partner is gonna be on Let's Go tonight I'll probably stream some Rebelle stuff

I love Rebelle3. It's almost like I'm painting irl

Wasn't exactly fond of Rebelle the first time I tried it but a little bit of messing around with it has proven that I should be able to recreate my traditional work flow with some patience

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batch number 2 of the commissions! I had a lot of fun with the interference paint on the second one (you can only see it from certain angles) and it felt sooooo good to draw again! And then medic, my fave...

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I made a sort of sexy and very funny book Show more

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I made a basic overlay for my streams. It's so simple but already makes things look better. Now if only I had time to stream...

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