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Hello! Thank you for welcoming me into the community!

I'm a brit who has self-created a about a city filled with superpowered people that's filled with British humour and talking chimpanzees!

I've also seriously picked up watercolours in the last couple of months after playing with them on and off since my teens.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys get up to!

Cartoon Blood 

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I still believe in that one really great art supply that's going to make all the difference.

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Okay, I'm back from my lil' hiatus, and I refuse to apologise for all the stuff I'm gonna draw that'll look like science museum crap on 90's toyboxes

Me and my partner are playing a game where we pretend that the 9CAD cat plushie I bought on holiday is a real cat (named Sebastian). That's their coffee :3

I posted this over on my comic account but decided to post as a new tweet here

Things that put me off ever using your printing company; printing my surname in quotation marks like it's fake

Heatset a Noodlers Ahab so that it can use G Nibs and I love it so much - so much easier than having to use the nibs as a dip pen. With the noodlers ink it really handles well too. I think I'm going to buy another one so I can have Zebras on one and Tachikawas on the other

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This is how I do hands really fast. I hope it makes sense. I usually start with the "square palm with stick fingers" then go into defining the 'L' (forefinger and thumb).

The 'L' is the best way to go but they're only hands so you can draw them like youd start drawing anything else. No sweat, friends!

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Spending my Saturday morning clipping out parts of photos (with permission to modify of course!) to make some creepy light spheres for the prologue. Need more eyes though... #mastoart #webcomic #comic

I think I've finally recovered from the comic making burnout. I can't wait to get the prologue and chapter 1 finished and up on LINE & Panel Show

I'm still a bit jet lagged so I'm spending this afternoon getting the Panel Show Comics site sorted for multiple comics hosting =.=

So I popped back on my old tumblr account and...

This makes me stupidly happy (I've brushed over this with water - it's noodlers bulletproof black which isn't supposed to work on cotton watercolour paper but it mostly works on W&N for some reason)

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