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Hello! Thank you for welcoming me into the community!

I'm a brit who has self-created a about a city filled with superpowered people that's filled with British humour and talking chimpanzees!

I've also seriously picked up watercolours in the last couple of months after playing with them on and off since my teens.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys get up to!

What do you guys do when the state of the world becomes overwhelming and even doodling is not enough to offset the sheer weltzschmerz?

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Emotionally vulnerable on main, gross

This is my One (1) Obligatory Personal Art Piece, because it's a conversation I have with myself, like... weekly, lmao

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I wish my favourite watercolour papers didn't cost so much! Its so nice to just let myself sketch on them but I feel like I'm wasting money on such good paper by using them mostly for sketches! X(

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Me: “Why am I writing a blog and sharing art? Nobody cares.”
Also me: “Well obviously I care, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing this.”

Checkmate, me.

I love postcard/A6 sized prints because they fit so nicely in photo albums. I only have so much wall space, but I can keep buying albums to put postcards in :)

My postcard prints are hoooooome and ready for selling!

Does anyone else feel irritated when they see art with wonderful rendering and colours but absolutely abysmal anatomy and figure dressing?

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Here's one more amusingly lit watercolour before I go to bed. What a good weekend it's been for creativity for me

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I have the blinds drawn because I'm painting in my dressing gown and the way the light filtered on the watercolour sketches seemed to add a bit more dreaminess so I couldn't resist taking photos

Question for you, is it worth upgrading my Ko-Fi account to a Gold one? Do you guys even know that I have a Ko-Fi? x_x;

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WIP: decided to just paint one of the witch girls to make sure I've still got my skills. Brush control has remained but I feel like I'm being too cautious with blending layers. Ah well.

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