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Hello! Thank you for welcoming me into the community!

I'm a brit who has self-created a about a city filled with superpowered people that's filled with British humour and talking chimpanzees!

I've also seriously picked up watercolours in the last couple of months after playing with them on and off since my teens.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys get up to!

Me, today: Why didn't I set this story in a dark void or something?

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I never posted this! The cover I did for @signalstation 's amazing ebook of microfiction 'Witches Town'.
The best thing about this commission for me, is that it was an introduction to Michael/Michael's work. I really recommend reading it - it does that special thing of being hilarious and evocative simultaneously.
it's pay-what-you-want at

ME: Let's set this story in Durham even though there's no bg material in CLIP because obviously there isn't it's not even in Japan. Let's make some from old photos for the comic, it shouldn't be too bad...
Me, but 8 hours later: I'M NOT EVEN FINISHED WITH ONE SCENE WTF (I did get the lineart finished though)

Tonight's aim is to get to grips with using PureRef - I know its a powerful tool but I just can never remember all the shortcuts

Thought I lost all the plotting work I did for DVH last night while testing out the new Plottr for Android app - it only supports G!Drive right now (booo!) and due to some sync screwiness I accidentally deleted my work through my phone right before bed. HOWEVER, I managed to save it by closing G! Backup and Sync before it started today and taking a copy of the to-be-deleted file and saving it on my PC (and another copy on OneDrive)! Woohoo!

Playing around with the pen and tone layer settings in CLIP to figure out how I want to render characters and shizzle for DIE VIER HEXEN. Nearly there

Oh and get the two sketchbooks and the first chapter preview for DIE VIER HEXEN ready to print and kickstartered

Made it into Thought Bubble! I've got so much to do now (new business cards, new banner art, update portfolio site etc)

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Have been neglecting the colours of supporting characters for the next project so spent some time doodling with watercolours

Oh damn I'm feeling so anxious today following a slightly awkward presentation of a half-finished report (just for feedback) and I can't shake this feeling all

Been working on this for most of the day - wanted to get a piece done for the next project that I could turn into banners, pages, ads, etc

Oh man, I want to propose .comics as a new TLD but I don't speak legalese/technologese well enough to figure out how one would do some...;_________;

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Yessssssssssssss. My wonderful purple squirrel of watercolour blocks actually exists and is here and gosh I can't wait to paint on them tomorrow 💖

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I've now found myself with 3 empty days and figured that it might be nice to do a random watercolour stream where I just draw and paint whatever comes to mind (probably related) and chat with whoever turns up tonight

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