There are two possible reasons for "no one knows why ___" being put into in a fictional setting.

1) The author wants the element to be hidden to the people in the world and left as a mystery for the readers.

2) The author has nfi why, either.

People here post their practise pictures that are super elaborate and awesome and I'm like

With 4 years dad let me play around in photoshop.
When my best friend was that age he played around in Word with Wingdings.

Now I'm an artist and he's a writer.

Makes u go

I think I wanna draw a little tonight. Still not overly fond of the little bit of skills I have, but it won't get better without practise!
Changing from pen and paper to drawing tablets and digital art still gives me a little headache, tho.

IKEA hack of the day

[6 small decorative lights shaped like a christmas tree, hacked to show pride colors]

Hey friends!

It's almost Christmas and I felt sparkly today so... HAVE SOME FREE SPARKLES!! ✨
These are Clip Studio Paint brushes and I made them entirely myself and you're free to use them in all of your projects! πŸ’œ

Download here:

Feeling better than yesterday, which is certainly a nice thing! I'm also attempting to write a bit today by doing teeny tiny word sprints, so I only have to focus for a few minutes. Let's see how that goes.

I had the privilege of illustrating @vanhaase 's beautiful sad fantasy man, Gem! πŸ’œ

Interested in your own commission? DM me for details or email me: KatWylderArt [at]

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Also, if you'd like to receive some random original signed art (from stuff I've got lying around), I'll pop the following sized pieces in an envelope for you (examples below);

$5 - A6 (postcard size)
$10 - A5 (half letter size)
$15 - A4 (USA letter size)

Prices include worldwide postage. You can indicate if you'd like a colour piece or black and white, and if possible I'll accommodate :)

Pay here > and include your post address (or DM me).

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

The Hollow One

"Not having a face of their own and thus lacking a sense of "self" or identity, they prey on unsuspecting victims, always looking to fill the emptiness inside."

[pic hidden bc mild horror]

I literally got the game today and it already got out of hand.

So I wanted to go to bed almost two hours ago, but I can't stop catching Pokemon... I also found a Clefable. but it escaped and now I hope it spawns again D:

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