Here are the free colouring pages of the mandala in that video - both the 'light' and the 'dark' versions :)

I knit a thing!! :da_dance:

It's a really chunky knit toque with the biggest ever pom pom (it's also the first pom pom I've ever made, so go me!).

It knits up really quickly, too, this took me less than a day. :) The pattern is here:

It's also so warm, omg

[Marked sensitive for eye contact]

#Knitting #FibreArts #FiberArts #CreativeToots #MastoArt

Slowly but steadily fighting my writer's block and getting back into the mood again. <3 This will most likely mark the first year where I'm not overachieving (and maybe not even win, but I'll try!) and it feels surprisingly okay. As long as I don't start hating on my novel and writing in general again, I'll be very happy with the outcome.

I did a job assessment test thing today and let me tell you, I was SCARED, but I think it went alright? I treated myself to a nice coffee and a book and I think I got a bit of motivation back as well 😊

2019 edition ! :D (the last one was from early 2017 urgh ^^' )

I drew a vamp mouth yesterday! 🦇

(hidden because second version has a small amount of blood on it)

Every time I get the stuff I ordered from @anaisfae, it feels like opening a package full of magic ✨

The result of today's stream :D (well, not entirely - I sketched it last night) It'd been quite a while since I last did a digital painting, even longer if I only count personal art.

Something of a distant prequel to my webcomic.

"Nope. Nope nope nooope, 24-carat solid nope."

Moths inked. Hard to take a photo of because they're so shiny; I used pearlescent ink (even the white parts of the wings on the bottom one are white pearl ink)

Finished and up for adoption! A2 beige cardstock, a variety of pens and ink, and lots of metallics and sparkles.

USD $150 which includes worldwide shipping. Message me to give this huge and glamorous piece of art a good home!

Tomorrow's the anniversary of my shop, and I wanted to do a little something. So I'm offering 20% off of everything, just use the code REVERIE 🌟

And here are cute foxes, because why not

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