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I MADE A(nother) GAME!! This time in Twine! With many thanks to @EmergencyBattle for help figuring out some Twine Things!

You can download the game to play it natively Here: drive.google.com/file/d/1i0Fs4

Because it's a Twine game, it plays in-browser and as such works better as a downloadable html file. Though it looks like words, download and play it - it's a game!

The game *is* horror-adjacent so don't play if you don't like spooks!

A long exposure night shot from our few days away in the desert (Prince Albert, Klein Karoo, Western Cape, South Africa). I'd had a loooong-ass day and was suffering from a sinus headache so I couldn't be bothered moving from the stoep of the cottage, and just shot whatever was in frame from that vantage point XD

Nikon D7000, Tamron 18-400mm, processed in Adobe Lightroom.

I have always dreamed of owning an authentic gramophone... They look so beautiful with their horn looking like the corolla of a huge flower! They have this charm specific to old objects, as they were haunted by the years passing slowly while they stay still... I love so much things about them, so it was only a matter of time for me until I decide to paint one for a watercolor. I wanted it to have this romantic aspect that they evoke me, so I hope that you will feel that too seing this picture! 🖤

Today I finished a my first own song, a cover of Paralyzed by @Aviators84@twitter.com. Thanks to @VintalValentin@twitter.com for helping me out with some sweet bass :D

Is it perfect? No. Do I love it nonetheless? Yes. I'd love if you give it a listen over on soundcloud.com/grufty/paralyze

[Inside joke about soundcloud links on social media here :D]

New Commission post with updated tiers! 💜

All info also on my website at robyn.vanhaase.de/commissions/

Boosts appreciated but you can also just tell your grandma. Or your cat. Or alter Ego. Just... tell someone.

Hello yes I've spent way too many days drawing my character Cain in a rococo dress. Please hand me a cold drink and some painkillers for my hand thank you.

I was going to do a cosplay, but since I couldn't find a nice substitute for the adventuring sweater, I just did the only reasonable thing: Knit it myself. That's the first iteration of the pattern for the front and backside. It's waaaay out my comfort zone but luckily, I got plenty of help from mom!


Starting this Friday night is Pesach/Passover for a week, and then starting May 5th is Ramadan for a month

During this time of year you should be extra mindful and CW food, especially bread, in order to be considerate of us Jews avoiding chametz for Pesach and especially for our Muslim siblings who will be fasting for Ramadan.

Thank you!!

[Poll] Let's do a wisdom-of-the-crowd experiment.

If we were to choose a random answer among four, each of them would get ~25% of the votes.

But are we able to distribute our votes according to the percentages shown below? (If you can't see them, they are 5, 10, 25, and 60%.)

Don't cheat by using your alt accounts :blobamused: Boosts are welcome!

I painted my progen, Etamin, about three years ago. I really needed a space to fall in love with painting again, and Flight Rising gave that to me⁣⠀
Don't mind me, just being wistful over a fae...

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