A Sketchbook page for this week's post!
Voilà une page de mon carnet de croquis pour cette semaine ^^

They're girlfriends.

Want your own commission like this? DM me or email: KatWylderArt [at] gmail.com

The shattered husk of a planetary body hangs in the sky. It rises with the sun and we watch from the ground, its fragmented pieces a reminder of our past mistakes. We had a name for it, once. We called it Earth.
#writingprompts #writing

I am technically a published author, so I can say this with complete confidence:
Writing is hard. So haaard.

"Oh, you're a writer? Anything I may have read?"

"I have used several words that you may have read, possibly even in the very same order."

I built this #pride flag shirt. It's over 18k rings. Originally priced at $900. I don't want to end up homeless. It's available for $600 including shipping within the USA. #maille #chainmail #rainbow #lgbtqa

Experimenting with shading and some materials stuff via doing my best to replicate excessive anime weapons.

Reference here: gbf.wiki/Gandring

2019 Commission Info!!

Everything you need is on these images OR on my website at robyn.vanhaase.de/commissions/

No slots, but there may be a waiting list. Also special offers will run out.

🖤 Pls share 💜

I drew my son. I uhhh....tend to really get lazy on the details when I draw him but this is kinda what he's supposed to look like I'm pretty sure.

I go back and forth on whether or not he should have eland or oryx horns but he Definitely has spooky pupils.

mordrem, sort of body-horror Show more

I drew my Cain in @Nezumiyasha's gorgeous art style!
... or I at least tried to. I'm definitely not used to working with inks. But I think he looks good so that's that.

(Thanks again for allowing me to butcher your style 🖤)

[Day 30, Jolt]
I was using a plasma globe for lighting reference, love those things

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