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here's the four main boys of my comic: Xiayu, Fai, Shigeru, and Kick
read 'em and weep here tapastic.com/DragonHusbands

on the subject of gods, here are some cute twin gods of luck and grace (and mischief), their symbols are peacocks and ravens and they can switch between forms/representations on a whim, as well as switch places with each other
they’re the patron gods of thieves and gamblers, and anyone who needs a bit of luck in their mischief-making

weird angels/cherubim/gods i designed for funsies-- they’re two of several shards of the god of knowledge; the bigger one keeps dark secrets of forbidden knowledge, the smaller one is the keeper of “pearls” of wisdom, signified by a literal pearl he carries around

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some redesigned crystal gems for funsies

some jotun loki doodles, idk he looks good with a braid i guess

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I wanted to use a palette I made some time ago that I thought was based on an old drawing of Yugi I did but it turns out it wasn't, and I never found the drawing it was based on so anyway here's? another Yugi??

finished frankie and his family of goblins; I didn't intend to take a limited palette approach it just sorta happened, and I like it!

wip doodle of a new pokemon gym leader oc his name is frankie and he's an ex-rocket and he loves his cute baby dark boys very much

fun fact i based this design off majora's mask wizzrobes (2nd one is tightened up after looking at the actual model lol, i kinda like the ragged scarf and rolled up sleeves better tho)

yo i love sesshomaru how bout u

started rewatching Inuyasha and ended up making a trio of OCs based on that good good rumiko takahashi sengoku jidai aesthetic 👌
(the dog and the braid boy fuck, the swordswoman is way too cool for them)

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here are some zelda doodles from an RP I did with a friend a little while ago-- while in vai disguise, Link accidentally rescues a slave-voe Ganondorf, oops!

couple of yyh doodles, some smooches and a 'what if hiei had blue hair' based off a brief coloring mistake in the anime lol

speaking of 90s anime, my number one husbando

any yu yu hakusho fans out there? man, those saucy, trashy boys, am i right
(re: kurama image, apparently his original manga design was black hair/blue uniform and i kinda dig it ngl)

oops haven't posted in a while, here's some doodles of a human (designed by me) and a merman (designed by my friend @CyborgNachte )#art