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here's the four main boys of my comic: Xiayu, Fai, Shigeru, and Kick
read 'em and weep here

oh yeah I drew this to go with the ganondorf I drew earlier! enjoyyyyy

I made this to put on my redbubble so here u go

felt like drawing Gold but I gave him short shorts

i love klarion, he's perfect in every way and i want more content of him blease

indulgent animal crossing pocket camp art ahoy

adding another twink fuckboy to my ever-growing pile of twink fuckboys, here’s a new OC named Ashlinden he’s a witch with cute little bloomers/pantaloons who specializes in combat magic and his nipples will never be fully covered, ever

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been watching SGDQ this week and here's some Four Swords because I realized I've never drawn them before!

on the subject of gods, here are some cute twin gods of luck and grace (and mischief), their symbols are peacocks and ravens and they can switch between forms/representations on a whim, as well as switch places with each other
they’re the patron gods of thieves and gamblers, and anyone who needs a bit of luck in their mischief-making

weird angels/cherubim/gods i designed for funsies-- they’re two of several shards of the god of knowledge; the bigger one keeps dark secrets of forbidden knowledge, the smaller one is the keeper of “pearls” of wisdom, signified by a literal pearl he carries around

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some jotun loki doodles, idk he looks good with a braid i guess

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I wanted to use a palette I made some time ago that I thought was based on an old drawing of Yugi I did but it turns out it wasn't, and I never found the drawing it was based on so anyway here's? another Yugi??

finished frankie and his family of goblins; I didn't intend to take a limited palette approach it just sorta happened, and I like it!

wip doodle of a new pokemon gym leader oc his name is frankie and he's an ex-rocket and he loves his cute baby dark boys very much

fun fact i based this design off majora's mask wizzrobes (2nd one is tightened up after looking at the actual model lol, i kinda like the ragged scarf and rolled up sleeves better tho)

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