a boy butt and a monster tongue, nsfw but not like SUPER nsfw 

hi here's an utterly self-indulgent piece of trash I drew last month ft. pink haired Classic Link and a mimic 👀👅💦

mild body horror and/or disturbing corpselike imagery 

gahhh I haven't posted here in a while oops!!! here are some OCs, a very tired magical priest, and a nasty, nasty rotting demon-god.

bones, some occult themes 

here are some Klarions and some Jason Todds, one of them's a sort of occult AU Jason... I like my AU crack okay...

also the last one is a little weird maybe but I was just feelin real Romantic about the idea of Klarion cleaning up Jason Todd's cursed bones and bringing him back to "life" as some sort of cool sexy revenant man... really putting the romance back into necromancer am I right folks hahaha 💦 💦

thinly veiled nudity 

the very instant I saw Aaravos I knew I had to draw an even sluttier version of him!! I did this a while ago but I posted it on patreon so I wanted to wait a couple weeks before posting it publicly ✨🍆✨

nudes and lewds and witchy/fairy dudes 

here are some witchboyverse doodles, Ashlinden and Charbonneau and Miloa being all slutty and horny and whatnot!

mildly suggestive skin showing but no true nudity 

hookocho the prince of pain and misery was the best character in dexter's lab

oh hey so @CyborgNachte and I made a quick little 18+ VN dating sim game thing! newgrounds.com/portal/view/725
It's called Ash's Quest and it stars some of our OCs, and here's the blurb: "Play as Ashlinden, a spunky and amorous witchboy, as he wanders through town meeting various handsome magical men, flirting and fucking and befriending them. There are three routes with their own unique "puzzles" to solve to get into someone's pants! And hearts. Mostly pants."

here are some prince versions of Daisy Peach and Rosalina lol, I had a lot of fun drawing them...

sexy nudity 

I drew a bunch of cheeky super mario content a while ago, including the obscure Prince Haru from Super Mario Bros.: The Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach (1986) whom I immediately fell in love with and made a koopa love slave for him.....

boy nipples lol 

here are some pokemon gijinkas as well! blah blah hashtags, anyway I really like how the nidoking came out :"")

here's a houseki no kuni OC I made a while ago, smoky topaz! lazy, always barefoot, lowkey slutty 👌
(I also accidentally drew them with the same arm position twice in a row lolll)

and to round out the art spam, here are Four the ant and Sugar the bee, the protags for my next comic Hive Heart, set to launch at the end of December! it's about bug people trying to get what they need, and finding out what they want.

shirtless boys 

here's a Drarry collab I did with @CyborgNachte where we traded off tasks between sketching, inking, and coloring with two pieces. Nachte did the inking for the first one, and I did the inking for the second one!

mild nudity/sexy themes 

and here's some original stuff, slightly nsfw

sorry I haven't posted anything in ages here, have some fanart stuff! Hiei, Shadow, Red Hood & Klarion... yeah I guess that's kind of a wide range lmao

oh yeah I drew this to go with the ganondorf I drew earlier! enjoyyyyy

i love klarion, he's perfect in every way and i want more content of him blease

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