If you would like to see the best fantasy, sci-fi, horror, dark, surreal art on your Instagram, you are welcome to follow me there! Art from all around the world from the best artists!

Hi! I finally finished this characters pack for your games! This time females only. Males and creatures packs are coming in near future. This pack contains 40 female characters in PNG format. For more information and to see all characters in a pack please visit

Hey people! I am happy to announce that my own site is live and running! Please visit!
All my galleries, pages with book and music covers. There is page also with some free downloads, check it out! Game assets for rpg and dnd are coming soon too!

Another one character from the assets pack I am creating. Pack with female characters will contain them in transparent background, in PNG format. Soon will be available for sale!

This is one of the characters from the assets pack I working on. There will be a few simple backgrounds and a characters on a transparent background in PNG format. There are already a human couple and separately male and female, elf and a creature female in this position like on the picture. Follow me to stay updated!

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