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hi im making my introduction again since im a whole new person

im Fanfi, a lesbian artist from south america. i studied visual arts, focused on Painting, and im very into mixing what i learned w/ the illustration medium.

i love drawing queer, fantasy, experimental things and ocs, sometimes all of the above! i comment a lot and will always reply back 💕

all of my ocs have at least (1) joke bc thats what ace attorney taught me.

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some dynamics from the bandwagon (is that still a thing!?) from twotter

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back to being 7 years old and reading up ancient greece facts in wikipedia

so UHHH i got a group interview next week for a volunteer museum position and I AM SO SCARED

please tell me your wisdom or success stories it'll cheer me up i promise

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my art dream is to have people to cosplay my characters

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