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hi im making my introduction again since im a whole new person

im Fanfi, a lesbian artist from south america. i studied visual arts, focused on Painting, and im very into mixing what i learned w/ the illustration medium.

i love drawing queer, fantasy, experimental things and ocs, sometimes all of the above! i comment a lot and will always reply back ๐Ÿ’•

all of my ocs have at least (1) joke bc thats what ace attorney taught me.

some dynamics from the bandwagon (is that still a thing!?) from twotter

back to being 7 years old and reading up ancient greece facts in wikipedia

so UHHH i got a group interview next week for a volunteer museum position and I AM SO SCARED

please tell me your wisdom or success stories it'll cheer me up i promise

my art dream is to have people to cosplay my characters

Fay and Felicity owned by @fanfi and @Kukkymota respectively! i shipped them since the beginning and now they're gfs, i'm the happiest i can be

Hello, campers!

Here's an invaluable resource for you:

This website has articles and tutorials for almost everything comics related you can think of, from ideation to lettering, marketing, selling, tools, teaching, and more.

Keep on #MakingComics, campers! โ›บ #ArtTips

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